The Nike Odyssey React vs the Epic React Flyknit

Two Nike React runners are going head to head: the Odyssey React vs the Epic React Flyknit. Which would you choose?

Nike Running just launched the Nike Odyssey React; it’s a less expensive rendition of the overly-hyped Epic React Flyknit.

With a $30 price difference between the two models, is one really better than the other? Maybe. It all depends on which performance attributes you hold high regard. Personally, I feel that consumers get the most bang for their buck without losing the React experience with the Nike Odyssey React. I also think it looks better!

We hope you enjoy our Nike Odyssey React review as well as the comparison to the Nike Epic React. Let us know which you’d choose and why in the comment section below.

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  1. Awesome review.. Didn’t feel the need to check further after watching your video. Straight forward feedback without promoting that the more expensive one is better. You got me sold on the Odysseys. Thanks a lot!

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