Nike Kobe 1 Protro ‘Court Purple’ | Detailed Look and Review

This Kobe 1 Protro isn’t the 81 point game edition, but it’s almost as good.

Nike Kobe 1 Protro Performance Review

Nike has been killing it with the Kobe 1 Protro this year. Boasting premium materials and additional tech fine tuned to today’s performance standards, the Protro is something that we hope is here to stay.

The latest edition we initially thought would be the White/Black-Court Purple, but it turned out that the colorway was actually the Black/White-Court Purple. So close, so damn close.

While this isn’t the colorway worn in Kobe’s amazing 81-point performance, we’re still hopeful that Nike has plans to release that version — keep your fingers crossed.

If you’re interested in grabbing a pair of the Nike Kobe 1 Protro OG in the ‘Court Purple’ colorway then you’ll be able to grab them at retailers like Phenom Global (916-667-9526) on October 23 for $175.


  1. Agree with loving the Purple and black builds. It’s why I was actually disappointed with the Protro line skipping the Kobe 2 Strengths since I wanted a re-release of the “Orcas” which also happens to be one of the cooler nicknames of for a colorway ever!

  2. LOL, a few things that we have some similarities. Kobe is not my ideal favorite player, but I like some of his shoes, that why I buy them. the Protros are definitely some of the shoes that I wouldn’t mind having multiple pairs. I also don’t like the cracked tumble leather they did with the Protros, to be honest, I find them hideous and couldn’t pull a trigger on them. that is why I’m always on the hunt for the Mamba Day or Black Maize version. now, these dope purple/black colorway somehow gave me hope to finally get some and I felt that these would be mass produced which would be good for us shoe lovers. waiting for these to drop in the outlets for half price.

    1. I would have love having the Derozan and Devin Booker but those are just insanely sold by scalpers. anyway, wishful thinking, too bad they never got to release the Protro Thomas PE’s. now those are dope.

  3. I’m gonna skip this one. Got 3 colorways of the Protros for under retail (one thanks to the heads up of Mrs. Wing on a crazy deal). If the Undefeated colorways weren’t impossible to get I would have purchased several of those as well. Awesome shoe.

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