Nike Future Flight | Detailed Look and Review

The Nike Future Flight is the latest basketball model from the Swoosh that is exclusively for kids.

According to Nike, the Nike Future Flight is built and engineered for young basketball players that still have developing feet. We have full details on what that means within our previous Nike Future Flight article.

However, if you wanted to know a bit more about the shoe then we’ve detailed the review above. Fit is true to size and the shoes are similar to the Kyrie sneakers with a slightly softer footbed due to the use of Nike’s SolarSoft foam.

Let us know what you think about the Nike Future Flight below and if you think more kids footwear like this should be made available in the basketball market. You can find the Future Flight available now in three colorways at


  1. Being a barefoot aficionado I would’ve liked to see more mid-sole rim in the forefoot, a little less in the heels, this still promotes heel-striking(by creating containment in the forefoot, you would promote a more active stance), but all-in-all, it’s a great concept, I hope they do a Future Flight 2, and keep developing these.

  2. I think the designers at nike haven’t received the memo that less shoe is actually more, for the individual and the health of the foot. Especially when young, when the foot muscles have a chance to develop correctly and not be destroyed by the 10 inches of cushioning.

  3. The aspect of accounting for growth is probably what I like most. Who knows if it’s an authentic motive by Nike or just a gimmick, but for what it is, I like it. We’ve all been there as kids (and maybe parents now): new shoes needed every year or half year — or you play the “size up in advance” game.

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