Nike Executive in Charge of Diversity Leaves Company

In March, Nike announced that it was investigating complaints about workplace behavior. Now, the Nike’s Head of Diversity has left the company.

Antoine Andrews, an executive in charge of overseeing diversity and inclusion at the sportswear giant, has left the company amid a review of the company’s corporate culture.

According to Bloomberg, Andrews joined Nike in 2015 as a vice president, but the company declined to say why Andrews left. He was named one of Mogul’s top 100 innovators in diversity and inclusion for 2017.

In early April, Nike’s top human resource executive told employees in a memo that the company “has failed to gain traction” in hiring and promoting women and minorities.

According to a Nike memo reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, Matheson wrote that the company wants “to create a culture of true inclusion. As part of our plan, we need to improve representation of women and people of color.”

Last month, Nike’s No. 2 executive, Trevor Edwards, resigned his position. Days later, the brand forced out Jayme Martin, a vice president and general manager of global categories including women’s, running, training, and basketball. Nike had received complaints about Martin but not about Edwards, who will stay with Nike until August.

According to sources that spoke with the Wall Street Journal, Martin and Edwards protected male subordinates that engaged in behavior that was demeaning to fellow colleagues.



Source: Bloomberg


  1. Huh HR such a mess nowadays, shoehorning peeps based on gender and ethnic background.

    Instead of character, mirth, and work ethic.

      1. Exactly they should spend less time trying to fill qoutas, instead hire people of character and mirth.

        Unlike those 2 being rightfully forced out

        1. You really should read the story before responding, this story is about how he failed to bring diversity(it’s literally the other Swooshed article in the side-bar), and Nike has developed a sexually-hostile work environment because of it.

          Diversity brings balance, the lack of balance we see in society, is the cause of the issues you highlighted.

          1. Huh? If they didn’t hire these 2 guys, instead hiring (like I wrote previously) people of better character. This wouldn’t have happened in the 1st place.

            Diversity? Balance? What do you mean by that? Penotype, Gender, and ethnic background should be judged, instead of the contents of their character as to where they should be in society?

            Seams quite illogical.

    1. Huh such an illogical term white privilege.
      If it is true why do Koreans, Japanese, Indians and Nigerians etc ethnic groups out perform and out earn “whites”

      Clearly reality is far more complicated nuanced.

  2. It may be an illogical term to you, but being White in this world has its privilege. See Donald Trump. Do you think President Obama could have gotten away with half the stuff he has? What protects Trump? It isn’t his money, because he is broke. The only thing illogical here, is your attempt to mislead people while utilizing outliers as fact. So very Fox News. BTW, Sean Hannity is that way, right along with Bill O’Reilly.

    1. Huh ok point by point.

      1. “Do you think President Obama could have gotten away with half the stuff he has?”

      Well Obama did go to war without congress in libya, syria, niger etc then droned an American citizen in Yemen Anwar Awalaki. After a week or so killed his son(also a us citizen) both with out trial judge or jury.

      Last I check all of these are treason.

      That’s the stuff off my head and I don’t recall Cnn, fox and the other msn making a peep about it.

      1. You see, from your response you have no clue as to what brings about “Treason” through the office of the the Presidency. It’s that slippery definition that you are attempting to use, because every US President since Lincoln has used the same methods of engagement WITH the discussion of treason coming from his detractors, but to no avail. Why? Because there are methods and laws in place to protect the President of the US when determining threats against national security, OF which Trump is actually ignoring right now in regard to Russia, a European nation. How ironic? Ask him how he feels about Mexico though, a nation filled with Brown people . Trump’s being White, then playing to a scared poor white demographic in order to become elected proves that White privilege plays a huge part in his perception of being successful. He is allowed to be an incredibly flawed, insecure, racist, sexist, xenophobic, misogynistic individual, while Obama had to be PERFECT in order to be elected. Even his running mate, Joe Biden stated that he was “clean” enough to get elected as the first Black President of the US. Read FIRST. If White Privilege as a term is so illogical to you, then what was slavery? The whole western economy was built upon the backs of Black slaves, who received nothing but a torturous existence in return, which still exists today, and legally I might add. What was the reason for the Dred Scott Decision? Why was Plessy v. Ferguson so important? Why was there a need for segregation?

        I find it funny that you bring up immigrants who had not had to face the obstacles of slavery, segregation, oppression, then being welcomed, wait! Doesn’t Trump want to stop all of that? Make America Great Again, right? Build that wall!

        Please, continue pulling things out of your ass. You may want to continue to talk about sneakers somewhere that adults who have a grasp upon history do not exist. I love how you racist pricks come around attempting to rewrite history, as if there aren’t people who exist that saw first hand what and how things actually happen against minorities not only in the U.S, but how oppression works around the globe.

    2. 2. “What protects Trump?”

      Huh? Hollywood is against him. All the news networks report on he’s every misstep only fox attempts to spin positively.

      At this point only a Republican majority in the house prevents impeachment till November.

    3. 4. And finally you have not addressed my original point. If there is such a thing as white privilege why do Koreans, Japanese, Indians and Nigerians etc out perform “whites”? To the point that top universities like Harvard has limits on how many can enroll.

      These count for millions of people in the US, clearly not an insignificant outliers.

    4. Addendum to point 1.

      And don’t misunderstand me as some Trumpkin, he is a war criminal too based on the Nuremberg trials.

      For what he has done in Syria, Yemen etc.
      Trump should be tried and executed along with Obama and Bush II.

  3. 3. ” your attempt to mislead people while utilizing outliers as fact. So very Fox News. BTW, Sean Hannity is that way, right along with Bill O’Reilly.”

    Not once have mentioned Fox news etc in any of my arguments let’s alone cite them(fox is just like btw cnn yuck). Stop trying to conflate and meet my arguments head on like I have with you.

    The stats, that you say are misleading. I have cited are from multiple sources like Dr Hof Sommers and bureau of labor statistics. No MSN needed.

  4. @ NAPMEN, no that wasn’t what this story was about, it’s why I suggested you actually read it again.

    1. I did read it of course, if you can’t understand my comments about how illogical HR is and how Mr Martin shoulda never been hired/promoted in the 1st place.

      that’s fine let’s agree to disagree.

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