The Nike LeBron Soldier 10 Deconstructed

HOLY ZOOM. Finally, Chinese sneaker site fastpass has sawed the LeBron Soldier 10 in half (that has got to be so much fun). Now we can all take a look at the LeBron Soldier 10 deconstructed. If you haven’t seen our full scoop on the LeBron Soldier 10, be sure to read it here.

LeBron Soldier 10 Deconstructed 312

The folks at fastpass made sure to compare the deconstructed setups of the Soldier 9 and Soldier 10. According to Nightwing2303’s performance review, the LeBron Soldier 9 had excellent cushion (Zoom units in the forefoot and heel). However, Duke4005 said that the best implementation of Zoom ever was in the Jordan Super.Fly 3. The forefoot Zoom unit in the SF3 was 11.64 millimeters thick. The forefoot unit in the Jordan XXX was 11.08 millimeters. The heel unit in the Soldier 9 was 12.79. And yet, the upcoming LeBron Soldier 10 features a heel Zoom unit that is a massive 14.25 millimeters thick — that’s a little over 11% thicker than the 9’s Zoom unit.

LeBron Soldier 10 Deconstructed 341

LeBron Soldier 10 Deconstructed 223

The forefoot Zoom unit in the Soldier 10 is nothing to write home about; it’s 8.73 millimeters thick, just slightly thicker than the eh forefoot unit in the Super.Fly 4 PO. We’ll let you know how it fares on the hardwood come performance review time. The forefoot units in the 9 and 10 are almost identical.

Of course, fastpass had to compare the entire tooling setups of the Soldier 9 and Soldier 10. The Soldier 9 featured a small rectangular TPU shank but the Soldier 10 almost doubles the TPU shank’s size and it’s U shaped. The new shank weighs 7.2 grams and is 2.43 millimeters thick.

Now that you’ve seen the LeBron Soldier 10 deconstructed the only piece of information you need is the price! Whent hat becomes available we’ll update you. Do you enjoy these deconstructions? Are you excited for the next LBJ Soldier? Let us know in the comments below.

LeBron Soldier 10 Deconstructed 1

LeBron Soldier 10 Deconstructed 11

LeBron Soldier 10 Deconstructed 301

LeBron Soldier 10 Deconstructed 291

LeBron Soldier 10 Deconstructed 332

LeBron Soldier 10 Deconstructed 194

LeBron Soldier 10 Deconstructed 185

LeBron Soldier 10 Deconstructed 322

LeBron Soldier 10 Deconstructed 312

LeBron Soldier 10 Deconstructed 36

LeBron Soldier 10 Deconstructed 213

LeBron Soldier 10 Deconstructed 65

LeBron Soldier 10 Deconstructed 75

LeBron Soldier 10 Deconstructed 85

LeBron Soldier 10 Deconstructed 45

LeBron Soldier 10 Deconstructed 95

LeBron Soldier 10 Deconstructed 105

LeBron Soldier 10 Deconstructed 1110

LeBron Soldier 10 Deconstructed 126

LeBron Soldier 10 Deconstructed 136

LeBron Soldier 10 Deconstructed 145

LeBron Soldier 10 Deconstructed 155

LeBron Soldier 10 Deconstructed 165

LeBron Soldier 10 Deconstructed 233

LeBron Soldier 10 Deconstructed 24LeBron Soldier 10 Deconstructed 24

Source: fastpass


  1. Wow that heel zoom is fat! Hopefully the the forefoot one feels okay too…

    I’m confused about your comments on the sf3, that shoe doesn’t have heel zoom?

      1. No, what I meant in the superfly 3 PO review that was linked to was unlocked Zoom is the best Zoom ever. The superfly 3 PO had a very good unit in the unlocked forefoot.

        1. I think getbuckets was talking about the comment noah made about the sf3 having a heel unit. He also said the jordan xxx had one.

  2. I think he means “forefoot” when he says “heel”. The XXX didn’t have heel zoom either did it?

    These breakdowns are awesome. Maybe it will encourage companies to do it themselves and really keep standards high since things will be so transparent. Definitely affects my perspective and plans since I won’t even consider the SF5 with that unit compared to the other Superfly shoes.

  3. So far looking like a proper evolution. All aspects seem proportionally upgraded.

    Regarding Zoom, I think the volume is only as good as the way it’s implemented. The 10’s looks closer to the ground so I think that’ll have a bigger effect.

  4. I’d like that heel zoom in the forefoot. Well, that might be a bit much, but that little forefoot zoom ain’t my thing. A little more thickness and wider would be better.

    Even if they did that, with adidas bringing out 3 full length boost shoes next year, targeted zoom doesn’t excite me anymore. Nike could maybe utilize more visible zoom on more shoes(targeted forefoot visible zoom, perhaps) or get new foam tech that is a lot better than lunarlon.

  5. I think he got too excited in writing this up. The SF3 and J30 don’t have heel zoom. Therefore they’re pretty much thicker than the Soldier 10’s forefoot. Its probably the thickest single heel zoom ever though.

  6. No wonder Lebron is wearing them instead of the Elites, With KD wearing the 9s an Lebron wearing the soldiers I wonder how those elite sales are doing

  7. No wonder Lebron’s been wearing these in the finals. I bet the lockdown is incredible, and we know that zoom will feel great.

  8. Honestly the Lebron Soldier line is my 2nd favorite support on-court sneaker and will be moving on to my number 1 spot with the Soldier 10 (the Ektio Breakaway is still my best support on-court sneaker but unfortunately and sadly, we will not be seeing any more of the Ektio line of sneakers cos they are out of business. I have confirmed with the customer service personnel and the production manager. You may also please check and confirm)
    Anyways I am super excited about the Soldier 10 and can’t wait to grab a pair (I know it will be more expensive than the Soldier 9 but hey I will save for it!). And also can’t wait for the performance review.
    #Support-Traction-Cushion priority#
    #The CAVS will win tomorrow – I pray so#

  9. I can never understand it, WHY THE [email protected]#K would you put a thick zoom unit in the heel and slim one in the forefoot, it should be the opposite, who the hell plays basketball on their heels ?!?! The forefoot is used much,much, MUCH more frequently on the court. Technically one would need a heel cushion only for walking, and agian you dont walk while playing basketball

  10. Actually it was the Super. Fly 3 PO, not the 3 that had the extremely good zoom. I like these deconstructions a lot though.

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