Klay Thompson’s Anta KT4 Has Released Overseas

Anta and Klay Thompson just released the fourth signature shoe in the KT line: the Anta KT4.

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The KT line from Anta is one of my personal favorites on-court, and it began with a surprise performer, the Anta KT1.

Each model has progressively gotten better and it looks like the KT4 will be no exception. I am a little concerned about the fit because the upper looks similar to the LeBron 15, but I’m hoping the shoe fits snug and close to the foot.

New cushion appears to be implemented in the heel of the midsole. Anta is calling the new foam A-Flashfoam. It may feel similar to the brand’s A-Shock cushion, or possibly a little better since this is a signature model.

Traction on the KT3 was one of its highlights and Anta will be sticking with that pattern and but tweaking the implementation a little bit (something I wish more brands would do in today’s storytelling driven atmosphere — especially when it comes to the outsole). The outsole is the one area that really doesn’t need any storytelling at all — it just needs to work on-court.

Support has been upgraded with a TPU wing located on the lateral side of the shoe. This was a feature I loved on Anta’s RR5 model. Hopefully, it performs similarly with the knitted build on the KT4.

The ANTA KT4 is available now at HiBasketballShoes.com for $149 and it is available on Famuji Sneaker for $125. If anyone is from China and knows what the official retail is please let us know in the comment section. We’d love to see what the price differences are for Chinese and U.S. customers.

Let us know what you think about Klay Thompson’s Anta KT4 below. Do you plan on trying it out for yourself?

ANTA KT4 ‘Make it Rain’

ANTA KT4 ‘Still Water Runs Deep’

ANTA KT4 ‘On Fire’

ANTA KT4 ‘Veteran’s Day’

Source: Anta / Hibasketballshoes


  1. The design team didn’t even try to be original with this one. I hope this isn’t foreshadowing of where Klay will be playing next year. Weartester’s review of Klay’s shoes always had me curious, but they don’t sell Antas in any stores, and I don’t like buying kicks before trying them on.

  2. You already know I’m down with the KT’s! My only issue is with the knit uppers lack of protection of your toes being stepped on. I keep going back to the KT2 cuz when I wear my KT3’s I always notice how much I get stepped on… I hope the KT4 performs well.

  3. SMH missing all the good stuff in the KT line cos there are no size 14s no matter where I search! …SMH…

  4. I’m sure these will be good performers-Anta has a solid record with the KT line- but if you make a shoe look so much like another famous shoe, you’re killing potential sales. Copying, or perception of copying, is never cool to the consumer.

    Anta is better than this. They don’t need to resort to look-alike products. They make good performers that can look very good aesthetically (see the Black Panther KTs last year). They can do better.

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