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Jordan Brand Expands Grade School Sizing for Girls

Jordan Brand is bringing back something that’s been missing since the early 2000’s… Women’s sizes.

Beginning in January, Jordan Brand will expand select grade school offerings (including AJ IV’s, AJ 1’s and the Jordan Future), extending up to a US Women’s size 11 – all available in Spring 2015. If I’m understanding this correctly, it could mean that select releases could potentially get purchased by Men as a US Size 10/10.5 in Women’s converts to a Men’s size 9/9.5.

Personally, I think this is awesome news. However, I hope that they are able to release the newer flagship models in GS sizes soon. The Flight Plate is unavailable for those that wear sizes smaller than 7 (could be size 8, but pretty sure its 7), so it would be great if that would happen in the future as well.

Check out the press release below and share your thoughts with us in the comment section.


Press Release: 

From its inception, Jordan Brand has embodied the values of its legendary namesake. The distinctive Jumpman logo has become a staple in the lives of athletes who wish to channel their own inner champion. The symbol carries weight throughout the entire sports world and extends well beyond the basketball court.

Jordan Brand Expands Grade School Sizing for Girls 1

In recent years, Jordan Brand’s consumer research revealed that girls often outgrow the grade school shoe offerings around the age of 12, which means young girls were struggling to find Jordan Brand products that fit their style and size. Beginning in January, that will no longer be the case, as select grade school offerings will be available in sizes extending up to a U.S. women’s 11.


Jordan Brand Expands Grade School Sizing for Girls 3


 Jordan Brand Expands Grade School Sizing for Girls 4

Since the first Air Jordan hit the hardwood in the mid-1980s, it has been a fixture in the style world, both on and off the court. As the brand continues to grow, it continues to listen to consumers, and works to ensure that fans of the brand can find a style that fits their personality and size.

“We kept hearing feedback that, despite the desire for it, girls couldn’t fit into our products. 12-year-olds would find a grade school version of a shoe they liked, only to find out they were already two sizes too big,” said David Schechter, VP of Footwear for Jordan Brand.

Shoe manufacturers have tracked the growth of Americans’ feet for years. According to the National Shoe Retailers Association, Americans’ feet have grown significantly during the past century, and have increased by an average of a full shoe size in just the past 30 years. Girls’ feet specifically have demonstrated a distinct growth trend of reaching their top shoe size sooner than boys’ feet. A recent study conducted by the National Institutes of Health found that more girls are experiencing their peak shoe size by the age of 12.

Jordan Brand Expands Grade School Sizing for Girls 2

The Jordan Brand design team decided that one offering couldn’t be expected to work for everyone’s style. After conducting further market research, the team concluded that male-focused colorways weren’t aligned with girls’ preferences. Enter new consumer-tailored styles and colorways to coincide with the men’s release line-up.

“It’s always important for us at Jordan Brand to deepen our connection with consumers,” Schechter said. “By extending our grade school sizing, we can better accommodate girls who love the brand, but want to stay in styles and colors that represent who they are.”

Bold and bright colors of classic Air Jordan silhouettes, as well as new styles, will be included in the extended product line. The first releases include a black and fuchsia flash colorway of the Air Jordan IV and a black Jordan Future with vivid accents on the midsole Additional spring releases will include several vibrant colorways of Air Jordan I and Air Jordan VII to complement the rest of the Jordan Brand product line-up.


 Jordan Brand Expands Grade School Sizing for Girls 5


Jordan Brand Expands Grade School Sizing for Girls 6
  1. Very interesting. However, I feel women shouldn’t wear Jordans at all. But that’s just my personal opinion lol.

    1. I’m sorry but that’s just stupid. Why should women not wear Jordan’s? At least they look good wearing them with skinny jeans, as opposed to guys in skinnys

    2. Okay tht is REALLY ignorant of u to say, but anyways has the sizing been increased for ALL coming GS releases or only for those select few??

  2. I hoop in a Size 6-6.5.
    they do offer GS size as alway,
    the real question is,
    will they keep the GS’ school same as the Men’s shoes?
    I mean the tech-wise and the material,
    for example, the XII, look at the carbon fiber, at the bottom, you can tell they are totally different. the GS just a checkerboard pattern and the men’s are ziczac.
    I know it is not Jordan, but i have to say that, the GS Lebron 11 are striped down to worthless piece of poo too, no flywire, only lunarlon no zoom, and they dare to price them at $140, SMH.
    The only GS hoop shoes that were translate well from the men’s counter part in recent years are KOBE 8.
    This will be a struggle for a real long time.

      1. I wouldn’t count on that. Its entirely possible, but it might be cheaper for them to use the carbon, midsole/ outsole molds they already have made rather than spend the extra money to create new larger molds of the GS look.

      2. So the only luck for me is to hoping for the nike sportwear to be perform well on court (E.G penny v) since the sportwear line goes down to size 6. Or else I will look somewhere else, the Adidas offer 6.5 most of their model , and this year UA anatox spawn 2 goes down to size4 (after numberous requests from the customer on their website they finally answer)
        Also the brandblack offer down to size 6 also.

  3. 2015 will be the culture flight away from Jordan Brand. The loyal clientele will leave Jordan brand and there will be a replacement to fill the void of the sneaker culture.

  4. 2015 will be the culture flight away from Jordan Brand. The loyal clientele will leave Jordan brand and there will be a replacement to fill the void of the sneaker culture. The fall away from Jordan brand.

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