The Ewing Sport Lite Returns in OG Form

Ewing Athletics has bangers in its vault. Slowly but surely, the brand is raising more and more of its silhouettes from the dead. The latest retro is the Ewing Sport Lite.

It’s unclear whether the silhouette is from 1992 or 1993 (Ewing’s socials say one thing, its Footwear Timeline says another) and I wasn’t buying sneakers at that point to tell you which year it was. All I know is that I’ve seen a lot of cats rocking Ewing lately and that makes me happy — especially when the brand retros bangers like this.

Debuting on June 22¬†with the rest of Ewing’s June Retro Collection, this Ewing Sport Lite OG in Black/Grey is exactly what I’ve been missing from a lot of sneaker brands: simple, old school colorways that make a statement (Reebok used to be really good at this until it pimped out the Question and Kamikazes in all kinds of garbage SKUs). According to Ewing Athletics, this silhouette features a lateral support system and mesh inserts throughout the upper. I’m not too sure on how great these would feel on the hardwood compared to what we have today, but I welcome anyone who has balled in Ewing retros to comment below!

We all know the quality on Ewing products isn’t excellent, but the prices are low enough that most of us into Ewing don’t mind. This colorway is so 90s, and I especially love the outsole and bold branding at the tongue. Retailing for only $100, I will be copping. Will you?

ewing sport lite 4 ewing sport lite 5

ewing sport lite 1

ewing sport lite 2

ewing sport lite 3

Photos via Ewing


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