The Ewing 33 Hi Gets Updated With a Seamless Woven Upper

After releasing the classic 33 Hi in a number of colorways, Ewing Athletics has finally updated the silhouette with modern technology.

As part of Ewing’s February Retro Collection, the brand has introduced a new production process, showing that even a nostalgia brand like Ewing can evolve. The 33 Hi Weave in Black/White utilizes a modern woven seamless upper that should render the bulky sneakerboot much less heavy. Additionally, the inner ankle padding has been removed. This new upper will also create many new design possibilities for upcoming woven builds.

ewing 33 hi woven upper 1

However, the midsole and outsole tooling are still the same; had Ewing wanted to make an ultra-lightweight 33 Hi it could have cored-out the outsole (since almost nobody is balling in these anyway).

ewing 33 hi woven upper 2

Leather patches for the straps are sewn onto the new upper and the classic embroidered branding remains.

The Ewing 33 Hi Woven will drop towards the end of February for $125. When we have a set release date we’ll update you all.

Thoughts on this updated Ewing 33 Hi? Sound off in the comments below.

UPDATE 4/11/17: After speaking with Ewing Athletics, the upper is “nearly seamless,” not entirely seamless.

ewing 33 hi woven upper 5

ewing 33 hi woven upper 4


Source: Ewing Athletics



  1. Hows the cushion on the Ewings? Im assuming it just basic EVA but I would love to see someone do a performance review on any of the Ewings.. I mean Patrick did have a Excellent career wearing them and he was basically injury-free during his peak years. Dude played less than 60 games pre-35 only twice in his career. And would have had ring(s) if it wasnt for the GOAT…

    1. It’s terrible, super basic, and we will not be subjecting the knees of our weartesters to that shit. But back int he day brands focused on upper comfort not necessarily comfort underfoot.

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