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A Detailed Look at the Nike LeBron 15 Low

We’ve been disappointed by lowtop LeBron’s over the past few years but the LeBron 15 Low has been awesome thus far.

Over the past few years the lowtop LeBron tends to feel, and play, like a takedown model of the signature shoe its based on rather than it feeling like a true lowtop edition of the current signature.

Some may be disappointed that the tooling from the LBJ 15 wasn’t carried over to the lowtop, but I’ve been enjoying the change immensely. The Zoom Air in the forefoot doesn’t feel like an afterthought this time around. It isn’t a large volume unit like the Max Zoom from the higher cut version of the LBJ15, but stability has been greatly increased due to the change.

Air Max fans will enjoy the 180-degree unit making another return to the LBJ Low. While I’m not against it, I will say that it would have been icing on the cake had this unit been updated to the newer Max Zoom system. Hopefully, this is something Nike is working on because I’d love to be able to play in a lowtop that features the Max Zoom tech without the shoe feeling unstable or bulky — the Nike KD 6 Elite was too stiff for me.

While $150 for a low might be a bit expensive, at least the performance isn’t a disappointment this year. Stay tuned for the full performance review in the coming weeks and feel free to leave your thoughts on the Nike LeBron 15 Low below in the comment section.

If you were interested in grabbing a pair you can find the Nike LeBron 15 Low available now at Eastbay.com.

  1. I like that they didn’t deviate so much from the original upper. 11-13 from my memory were like entirely different designs altogether and I think it was the 11 where I experienced ridiculous heel slippage from just the try-on. I kinda just pretend the Low line doesn’t exist, but these sound promising.

  2. A huge “thank you”, Nightwing. Your reviews are always spot on, and your overviews are a great way to take a quick look without feeling like you’ve given a final verdict. Great to see someone do things the right way.

    I noticed the traction in the LeBron 15 mid feeling a little lack-luster. Not bad, just not as awesome. As a size 16 big, it wasn’t cuts to the rim I started to notice, more like the moment I grab a rebound, outlet the ball, and want to start running up court. That first step is always nice to have a feeling of “dig” or “stick” from your back foot, and I must admit, the 15s didn’t quite have that feeling.

    Hearing the improvement on these, along with the outrigger addition, I’m considering snagging a pair. Anyone else on the site going to post reviews as well? Love those big man reviews!

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