A Detailed Look at the Air Jordan 6 ‘Like Mike’

The ‘Like Mike’ Air Jordan 6 is scheduled to release this weekend and we have a detailed look at what you can expect.


The Air Jordan ‘Like Mike’ Collection is available now at Eastbay.com

The latest collaboration with Jordan Brand is one that actually makes sense. Yes, brands like KAWS bring hype to the brand and product, but MJ and Gatorade have a history and relationship that actually resonates with fans of the brand(s).

If you grew up in the ’90s then “Be Like Mike” is a jingle that you know and can hum at a moment’s notice. All I had to do was read the stitched “If I could be…” and I couldn’t help but finish the song in my head.

I am not saying to rush out and buy the products just because you enjoyed the jingle, I’m just saying that this is proper story telling — and it’s about damn time. Nobody cares about the time MJ shattered a backboard because nostalgia is still what resonates with most fans of the brand.

Now, as for the shoes: the leather quality is much better than most of what Jordan Brand has released lately. I won’t say its premium, but it’s very nice. I think many people will enjoy the release as long as they aren’t one of those “OMG, they creased?!” types. Good leather creases.

I hope you enjoy the detailed look and if you’re interested in anything from the collection Eastbay.com has you covered. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section and let us know how you feel about the collaboration. Is this a better story to tell or is it all just corny?


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