DeMarcus Cousins’ to Wear This Puma Clyde Court PE in His First Game Back

DeMarcus Cousin’ will make his return to the NBA tonight as the Warriors visit the Los Angeles Clippers.

This PE edition of the Puma Clyde Court was designed by DeMarcus himself. Sporting quote “The Marathon Continues”, a small tribute to one of DeMarcus’s favorite artists, Nipsey Hustle, and his 6th mixtape (The Marathon Continues). In addition to paying tribute to Nipsey Hustle, the quote also embodies Cousins’ long awaited return to the NBA and his upcoming journey with Dub Nation as they look to three-peat this post season.

Check out DeMarcus on-court tonight and detailed images of his kicks below.

Images via @PumaHoops


  1. Its weird. I just cant make up my mind on the Disrupts. One day I love them and I almost order them… then the next day I don’t like them and I’m glad I saved my money. Often times its the same colorway that I like/dislike. Weird.

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