Customize Your Own HTM Air Max Sneaker on NikeiD

HTM shoes have always been in high demand and now NikeiD is giving you the chance to customize your own HTM Air Max sneakers.

If you don’t know what HTM means, check out this article explaining the influence for the people representing each letter in HTM. Each shoe in this HTM Nike iD collection likely represents the Air Max sneaker that Hiroshi, Tinker, and Mark enjoyed the most in the Air Max 95, Air Max 1, and Air Max 2014, respectively. Each letter in HTM is placed on the left insole of each shoe.

Mark Parker and Tinker Hatfield both helped create the Air Max 1 (previously the Air Max 87) so I wonder how those two fought it out to get their initial on the shoe. Mark’s shoe does feature a dubrae lace loop piece featuring the three letters, whereas the other two shoe do not.

Click below to customize your own HTM NikeiD Air Max sneaker. The shoes likely will be limited and last for Air Max month only (March.)

Air Max 95 (Hiroshi) | Air Max 1 (Tinker) | Air Max 2014 (Mark)

Nike Air Max 95 HTM Nike Air Max 1 HTM Nike Air Max 2016 HTM

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