Up Close and Personal with the Nike PG 2 ‘OKC’

Nike recently unveiled the PG 2 ‘Playstation’ and today we get up close and personal with the OKC edition of Paul George’s second signature shoe.

Utilizing a mesh build and suede paneling, much like the original PG 1 (and certain colorways of the Nike Kyrie 4), the Nike PG 2 looks like a perfect blend of the old and new.

The PG 2 carries over the internal bootie while removing the forefoot strap. However, there are now two independent adaptive lockdown wings in its place. This design change was meant to help accommodate wide footers a bit better than the strap on the PG 1 had.

Forefoot Zoom Air is back but this time around its bigger than the previous 8mm bottom-loaded unit. This year’s PG 2 will feature a 10mm Zoom Air unit that will sit right below the foot and it will stretch all the way to the sole. This should make the sensation that usually comes with Zoom Air much more apparent than the previous model.

There is no word on when this colorway will be available just yet but the Nike PG 2 ‘Playstation’ is scheduled to launch on February 10. Price is said to remain at $110.

Share your thoughts on the Nike PG 2 below in the comment section and let us know if you’re excited to try them out on-court.

nike pg 2 OKC 1

nike pg 2 OKC 2

nike pg 2 OKC 9

nike pg 2 OKC 4

nike pg 2 OKC 7

nike pg 2 OKC 10

nike pg 2 OKC 11

nike pg 2 OKC 3

nike pg 2 OKC 8

nike pg 2 OKC 5

nike pg 2 OKC 6


Images via @conkeror21


  1. The colorways are gonna make or break this shoe. That Playstation colorway is fire. But that OKC colorways is below average. Hoping Nike does some dope colorways for this.

    1. Feel the same. It looks promising as far as function, but it doesn’t really sell to me otherwise. Maybe it’s just me getting old, but a lot of stuff from the 90’s and 2000’s didn’t have to be the top end or a signature shoe, and it was still freakin cool in my mind. Branding (Flight, Uptempo, etc) and marketing made things far more exciting.

      Now everything seems a bit dry. It’s PG’s shoe. We know the build. Let’s count what it has and what it’s missing. It should work. Ok.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree. Really, really loved hooping in that shoe… This is so reminiscent, maybe it will improve upon that design.

  2. This shoe to me is all about progression. I mean the silohoute, maybe not but everything else has improved in my opinion. Increase in the forfoot cushion, added lacing system, increased comfort for wide footers. This shoe delivered on all the knocks and Nike has possibly made a great traction better. What do we want…performance? Esthetics? Change? No change?…..This shoe looks like what we all asked for out of Nike and PG 2. We are all critics though.

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