The Charlotte Hornets Unveil New Uniforms with the Jumpman Logo

The Jumpman finds a home on the Charlotte Hornets’ new jerseys.

Not too long ago we reported that the Swoosh would be appearing on the right chest of the new NBA uniforms for all 30 teams in the association. However, one exception is the Charlotte Hornets who will instead flaunt the Jumpman since the team is owned by Michael Jordan.


Today, we’re getting our first look at the Hornets’ new uniforms and they’re exactly what you would expect. This is a major milestone for the brand and the NBA as a whole.

A few subtle changes to the new uniforms include thinner striping on the jersey and shorts, the Hornets’ secondary logo on the side of the shorts, and, of course, the Jordan Brand logo on the front of the jersey and shorts.

We’re a little bummed that the classic pinstripe look from the ’90s didn’t make a comeback. The Hornets still have three more jerseys to unveil so a retro look could be in the works.

Let us know what you think about these new uniforms and your thoughts on the Nike and Jordan Brand logos being featured on the game worn jerseys as a whole in the comments section below.





  1. The socks though!!! Can’t wait to see all of those Stance socks go on clearance and make their way to your local Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshall’s. My sock drawer is about to be, how do the young cats say it, oh yeah, LIT!!!

    1. Pretty sure Stance socks are still the official NBA socks… I think they just used Jordan socks in this video for copyright reasons

      1. I don’t think so. Even NBA2K18 has screenshots with players wearing Nike socks. Nike doesn’t do anything by accident, and a gratuitous shot of them in Jordan socks with the NBA logo, points to all NIKE everything.

      2. FOX Sports: “The NBA had a partnership with Stance for the socks on-court. Is that going to continue, or does Nike take that over now?”

        Lisa Piken Koper: “Stance will continue to be a partner from a licensing perspective, and will have rights to bring lifestyle socks to retail. But Nike will be the on-court sock starting next season.”

        Always site your work.

    2. They’re already at Ross and TJ Maxx for like $4. Just saw a bunch of them there over the weekend.

  2. Dang Nike socks aren’t bad I guess, but this is all leading up to advertisements on all jerseys etc. Stance socks are extremely nice imo they are definitely my preferred option

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