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Brandblack Has a Possible Roshe Killer Dropping Soon

brandblack raven 2

Brandblack has been teasing upcoming models on its Instagram page for the past few weeks. Now, the Brandblack Raven has been teased and it could be a Roshe killer.

A few days ago we posted about how the Nike Roshe One got a refresh with the Roshe Two, including better traction (the One didn’t have any whatsoever so any change was welcome), more cushion, and higher price points. Coming in two variants — a base model ($90) and a Flyknit version ($130) — it’s no surprise that the Roshe has gotten more expensive.

Yet, Brandblack has always offered more for less — just look at its line of consistent and phenomenal basketball sneakers. While there aren’t many tech specs out yet for the Brandblack Raven, the shoe should retail in between the new Roshe Two price points.

With the Brandblack brand come two things: great design and great performance. At the end of 2015 BB was putting knit uppers on the Raven chassis. Now, it looks like the Raven will see a Jacquard-like upper. Just recently, Brandblack teased some upcoming Raven builds and things look very interesting. So, we’re hopeful for this possible Roshe killer, especially when it comes from a brand with so many hits under its belt already.

According to Brandblack, the Raven should be coming very soon — three colorways mid-summer last time BB said anything — but I’d bet on a day right around the new scholastic year.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Brandblack Raven? Sound off in the comments below.

brandblack raven 1

brandblack raven 5

brandblack raven 4

brandblack raven 6

brandblack raven 7

brandblack raven 8

brandblack raven 3

brandblack raven 2

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  1. I’ve never worn a pair of Roshes, and probably won’t pick these generic looking joints. These are disappointing, after what BB has done for their incredible basketball line.

  2. These are FRESH. You can wear ’em on a Friday / Saturday night or to a bbq. If these have Jetlon, I’m all in. BB’s overall design schemes are simple but modern and futuristic. Awesome quality too. Win-Win.

  3. I think these look better than the Roshe. The heel cup and traction pattern is unique. Life style shoes are starting to grow more and I like what I’m seeing from Brandblack.

  4. They look good, but roshe killer might be a bit of hyperbole. Especially to have it reiterated 3 times throughout.

  5. Only way these will kill the Roshes is if they are at the right price point. If they are $100 or less then I would definitely consider picking up a pair. Would have liked to see a chrome BrandBlack logo on the side or midsole because I think the BB logo is sick. Also, I think the knit versions in the picture look a lot better than this new jacquard version

  6. Love the clean lines and sleek silhouette, like an Aston Martin. Good design should be simple (not superfluous) and unique at the same time. In my opinion, much better than Roshes.

  7. Are these supposed to be [casual] trainers? Interesting since it seems to have fuse. I would think it’s not meant just to be worn casually. If I remember correctly BB may have posted a pic of someone wearing these on a football field for training. Well whatever they are targeting with these shoes they look good. Nice and simple.

  8. These do not look better then the roshe. I’m sure they will be very comfortable but look wise not better than roshe

  9. Why bring up another brand’s sneakears while discussing the launch of BB’s Raven? Since it’s not a review it seems unnecessary (unless this is actually an advertisement).

    1. If it was an advertisement it would be clearly labeled as such. It isn’t one. I brought up the Roshe because it is ubiquitous — go almost anywhere in the U.S. where there are people and people are wearing Roshes (some hyperbole, just like this article title). This looks like a much better alternative to something that people so easily accept as good or great because it has a swoosh on it.

      1. Or maybe a lot of people find the roshes to look good because they look good. So much unneeded Nike hate from you. The roshes look better then these and 90 is a pretty fair price if you ask me. Coming from someone who owns sever j crossover 2’s

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