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Under Armour Micro G Torch 3M Pictures

Hey all, this is Rookie! Breaking out of my hiatus to give you guys some neat pictures of the Under Armour Micro G Torch I purchased recently. Just a reminder, these aren’t Nightwing’s shoes so do not ask him about this specific colorway…These 3M Torches are mine, Rookie. The colorway I received is offically listed as Reflective Silver/White, but really Under Armour should have described it as Blinding 3M. Without camera flash, these shoes give off the 3M effect at certain viewing angles. You’ll get noticed on the court from the moment you lace them up.

I’ll let the pictures explain.

All of these pictures except for the very last one were taken with the LIGHTS ON in the room with camera flash. Enjoy…

If these pictures sold you, go on Eastbay where there are plenty of sizes left for just $89.99. If you want to see the performance review on the Under Armour Micro G Torch by Nightwing, click HERE.

Ok the picture below needs a little explanation in words. When I first tried taking a picture of the shoes with flash right out of the box, I got this shot when I turned OFF the lights in my room. Yes, blinding 3M. If you look closely at the top left, you can see part of the Under Armour paper that comes with the shoe box.

  1. Dude, are these the ones that are part of the Elite 24 pack? I’m getting those soon and I cannot contain my excitement! hahahaha. Do they really come with extra laces?

    1. Yes these were a part of the Elite 24 pack, but the official ones may have the Elite 24 logo on the tongue. These do not. The shoes do come with 2 extra pairs of laces.

      1. I don’t mind if there isn’t an Elite 24 logo. I wanted this pair ’cause of the blinding upper. A neckbreaker without the loud colors hahaha. Definitely a nice touch that it comes with extra laces. I’m definitely more excited now! Thanks for posting this man!

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