Under Armour Architech – 3D Becomes a Reality

96 pairs. $300 each. How we at WearTesters ended up with two pairs is a mystery, but you know us — we won’t let them rest. The Under Armour Architech is meant for weights and crosstraining/crossfit, and it’s built on the first UA 3D printed midsole.

Made up of numerous intertwined tendrils linking for stability and cushioning, the heel is the focus. However, the forefoot is a Charged/Micro G combo and it feels great. Check the video out for more details and as always, leave those mindstorms below.

A performance review is coming. While basketball may not be their best friend, we are going to put them through ALL tasks before reviewing. After all, that’s what we do — review shoes.

Under Armour Architech

Price :$300

Release Date : March 18, 2016, online and at the Baltimore flagship store.

2016-03-09 16.07.20 (1000x562)

2016-03-09 16.08.08 (1000x562)

2016-03-09 16.04.13 (1000x562)

2016-03-09 16.10.28 (1000x562)

2016-03-09 16.09.32 (562x1000)

2016-03-09 16.08.48 (625x1000)


  1. Is 3D printing the future of shoe building?

    Curious to know the results once you guys get to weartest it, keep up the good work!

  2. Awesome pick up!!! And awesome shoe, I love the concept(it’s a combo of mechanical-cushioning, and foam, kinda like a high-tech version of a3, but much smoother because it’s combined in 1 setup, rather than hard-coils, with a foam-pad).

    UA really doing great things by beating the rest to the punch with this, hopefully they can expand on this quickly, making them more widely available.

  3. 3d printing is the future for a lot of manufacturing, shoe soles is definitely one. It allows for much more complex single form internal structures compared to molding processes, where you would need multiple pieces, are are limited in complexity.

  4. it seems like more of a prototype. definitely not worthy of dropping $300 on, unless you just want something almost no one else has. maybe the price is just to grab headlines. I doubt many will be sold. probably just given away as a promotional tool for the brand.

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