ANTA NASA Seed Galaxy | Detailed Look and Review

ANTA has gone bold with its latest designs and its NASA Seed Galaxy basketball shoe is proof of that.

In the video above, I stated that I wasn’t exactly sure of the midsole tech. Upon further inspection it appears to be just a foam midsole. The TPU wrap on the lateral side threw me off a bit for some reason — maybe because the lifestyle version of the ANTA Seed Galaxy features an air unit, which would have explained the wrap had the air unit transitioned over to the basketball model.

Sporting a knit build and a look that only a mother could love, the ANTA Nasa Seed Galaxy series is said to pay homage to NASA’s 60th anniversary. Why Chinese company ANTA is paying homage to NASA is still a question we have, but it’s cool to see something this weird back in basketball.

We hope you enjoy the detailed look and review above and stay tuned for the performance review. In the meantime, if you wanted to grab a pair you can head over to Famuji Sneakers and use code WEARTESTERS for a small discount at checkout.


  1. Any idea if these are sold somewhere in US size 12? I struck out with Famuji and Google failed me. They look awesome though.

  2. The look like they ride a little too high for my liking. Kinda the reason I stayed away from the LBJ 15s. Like the look though.

  3. These shoes are a knock off mix of the LeBron 15 midsole/ outsole and soldier 12 straps , in reverse. That’s all.

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