An Official Look at the Nike LeBron 16 Low ‘Safari’

An official look and release date for the Nike LeBron 16 Low ‘Safari’ has arrived.

The Nike LeBron 16 Low is set to make its retail debut in LeBron Watch fashion with the ‘Safari’ edition paying homage to Japanese sneaker retailer Atmos.

We’re unsure if this version of the LeBron 16 Low is performance-driven or meant for lifestyle as there are certain pieces of construction that look like they may not withstand on-court gameplay. The most concerning being the lacing area where the zipper is placed. Heavy lateral movements may cause this area to un-zip thus resulting in a shoe that is no longer tied, but maybe Nike thought of that while creating this version of the shoe.

However, this colorway likely won’t be easy to obtain so those of us wanting to play in a pair of the Nike LeBron 16 Low may need to wait for a future colorway with a little less hype behind it.

If you were interested in trying to grab a pair of the Nike LeBron 16 Low ‘Safari’ then they’ll be available beginning March 2 for $175.



  1. You could always use the lace loops normally and not use the ones on the edge of the zipper. I’m sure the zipper loops are for casual and running it over if you want to play in them.

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