Allen Iverson’s Reebok Answer 1 ‘White/Red’ is Dropping After a 20-Year Hiatus

The fan-favorite Reebok Answer 1 ‘White/Red’, one of Allen Iverson’s very first sneakers with the Vector brand, will be getting an exclusive release in China next week.

In early July, WearTesters reported that this Answer 1, which celebrates the 1997 Rookie of the Year Allen Iverson, would be back to celebrate the 20th anniversary of A.I.’s achievement. This release will be the first time that this colorway gets the retro treatment.

The Answer 1 ‘Rookie of the Year’ flaunts a white tumbled leather upper with red patent leather accents. The EVA midsole gets gold plugs and the flowpack, not the 100% true DMX moving air setup the original had. It appears the shoe is being marketed as a lifestyle retro overseas.

The Reebok Answer 1 ‘White/Red’ will release exclusively in China on September 22. It will arrive in Hong Kong in October, so it may arrive Stateside around the same time. We will update you when we know more.

If this shoe comes Stateside will you be looking to pick it up? This writer certainly will be!

reebok answer 1 rookie of the year 2018 allen iverson

Image via Reebok China / @k3vinq


  1. Can’t wait. The shoes look like good quality but I guess Reebok is following Nike’s lead in not retroing with the original tech. That DMX in the OGs was awesome!! “Butter Cookies” we use to watch the AI “Off The Clock” VHS over and over trying to do that spinning behind the back crossover. These Answer 1s bring back some good memories.

  2. This is ridiculous….how in the world are they not putting DMX in the them when they’ve JUST RELEASED new shoes with TRUE DMX???!!! Like….come on Reebok it’s like they’re intentionally ticking people off at this point.

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