The Air Jordan 31 Goes Premium with the ‘Black Cat’ Edition

The Air Jordan 31 goes premium with the introduction of the ‘Black Cat’ edition.

This version of the shoe should have fans excited for two reasons. First, and most obvious, is the premium materials applied to the upper. But hoopers will rejoice that they finally feature a solid rubber outsole. That is, if anyone plans on playing in this pair since they’re so nice.

These pay homage to the way shoes used to be constructed. Yes, performance woven materials are awesome, but nothing beats a premium nubuck and leather build.

If you’re looking at these and are wondering why they look cleaner than the regular pairs. They’ve removed the giant Jumpman and placed the Jordan Wings logo at the lateral collar. This looks much cleaner and is how they should’ve been in the first place. They also feature Nike Air on the tongue rather than the Jumpman logo.

Back in the day, the Jumpman jumped over the Swoosh. In today’s age, it looks as if the Jumpman has worn out it’s welcome as they’re now known for being built with shoddy craftsmanship and subpar materials with inflated price points.

If you were interested in buying an Air Jordan model that actually features quality materials inspired by the greatest player ever then mark your calendars for November 28 and prepare your wallet to pay an increased price of $200 versus the original $185.

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    1. The pricing confuses the hell out of me, but JB/Nike knows they’ll sell retros at a higher price before they can sell new Jordans. So I guess you’re not feeling the 16’s coming back at $250, huh?

  1. Jerks at Jordan have been on a roll with colorways with the 31. Love how they only use the classic wings logo on the lateral side here. *This* is how you make a “Lux” pair.

    I wonder how the collar would hold up during play, though.

  2. LOL! I am looking for an excuse to go out and buy these, I knew that sooner or later Nike would realize that the other companies are kicking their asses with true premium materials, at a reasonable price point.

  3. I wasn’t interested in buying these at all before, but the solid rubber outsole along with the black upper/white sole combo- that just might be my favorite cw on a shoe. I noticed the other day I had three pairs with that exact scheme, and they’re some of my favorite looking shoes that I own.

    The price is a deal breaker, though. I’ve never paid over 150 for a shoe, and I never will. If this hits sales later, then maybe I’ll bite if I still care.

    1. Yeah. I can afford them, but lets face it, usually with the really expensive shoes you’re paying for the hype- the brand or athlete. I just don’t feel like giving them my money for that. There are better performers at better prices, anyway. Why would I buy these when I could get another Crazy Explosive?

  4. I personally love my ‘Banned’ pair of XXXI’s.

    That said, these are straight fire. I love everything about them. If the materials feel as nice as they look, I’m sold.

  5. Nightwing,

    Do you believe the traction issue on the other xxx1 colorways was due to the traction pattern or translucent rubber? Or both? I mean do you really think the solid rubber will make a big difference? I’m not dropping 200 for so SO traction.

  6. These are beautiful. I love leather shoes. The big Jumpman doesn’t bother me but the shoe is glorious without it. I hope they sit in warehouses for months to come so I can get them for a better price. I’d go as high as $180 if the leather is actually premium and not Jordan brand “premium.”

  7. Can’t argue that they don’t look good – I guess I am one if the few that think the regular designs with the knitted uppers that fade to different colors looks better…these just look a little too clean for me, like some random nikes as oppsed to an expensive Jordan. Also I think they got the outsole backwards – a solid here on a lux version that people will probably not wear on a court, and the poor performing translucent (that is for looks) on the versions that were meant for the court!

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