A First Look at Kobe Bryant’s Next Shoe – The Nike Mamba Focus

A first look at was originally reported as the upcoming Nike Mamba 5 is now known as the Nike Mamba Focus.

Kobe Bryant and Nike are under the microscope at the moment due to a typo — and hidden edit — within the press release for the recently released Nike Zoom Kobe 4 Protro. However, there is still more Mamba madness (that should be a shoe name. You’re Welcome, Nike) coming in the form of a brand new team model called the Nike Mamba Focus.

We first reported on the shoe when it was still called the Mamba 5, but we were forced to take down the article. This set of images gives us a clear look at the final retail product so not all is lost.

The shoe features a textile build with what looks to be a traditional Phylon midsole setup. Forefoot Zoom Air looks to be in place while the traction pattern is of a scale design.

There is no word on when the Nike Mamba Focus will be available in the U.S. but Instagram user @designgasmic has let us know that the model is currently available in Europe. Maybe we’ll see them hit Stateside retailers this Spring/Summer.

Share your thoughts on the Nike Mamba Focus and stay tuned to WearTesters.com for updates.


  1. Looks clean and maybe could’ve passed as a sig once upon a time. I like how they detailed the heel.

    But we’re kinda at the point where consumers might want to take the precaution of waiting out the review and dissection. Like, whoa man.

  2. looks like a takedown 6 where they literally took down the swoosh to become a part of the midsole. i hope they don’t feel clunky in the forefoot.

  3. Reminds me heavily of the Anta KT3 Low just with worse materials. But to be fair the KT3 always reminded me of a Kobe shoe so….

    Not bad.

    1. LOL!!! Don’t know why I laughed as hard as I did.
      There’s no telling what’s in that square in the forefoot. It’s not even the regular shaped zoom. Nike is really being cheap with that. There’s no reason that the square zoom should have even been invented. Zoom can’t be that expensive. I refuse to believe that.

      1. I believe the Zoom Rookie has a rectangular unit, similar to what’s traced here. Not the best example as the material running all the way to the outsole made the unit utterly useless.

        If anything I think Nike could be wasting money with having this shape in production, unless this is some way they’re salvaging scrap material. Either way at this point, when I see a Zoom unit or cushion in general isn’t expected to be substantial, I level with that expectation if I ever try out the shoe. I wouldn’t say the shoe is disappointing off the bat, because it might translate into a good responsive pair, but in the grand scheme of things, we also wouldn’t want to say every cheap shoe is redeemed by being considered a guard shoe.

  4. Looks like a budget friendly solid performer. Not expecting exceptional feel on the cushion, but I think it should have it’s job done. It reminds me of the Kobe 6 silhouette.

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