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The LeBron Zoom Witness is Now Available

Lebron Zoom Witness

Being a sneakerhead means that you will inevitably miss out on some releases. The reasons can be varied: not living in the right area, limited edition runs, and pop up shops are all common moments of frustration in the hunt for your pair.

Nike is warming up to the idea of the many different LeBron takedown models in his line being more widely available to people on this side of the world. If you have been keeping up with us here at WearTesters, then you know that the overseas LeBron Ambassador VIII was reviewed here.

That was an excellent shoe and there is a lot to like about the more minimal approach that the Swoosh takes with LBJ’s takedown shoes. The LeBron Zoom Witness has also been featured here by Nightwing recently.

If you were wanting to pick these up, they are now available at Finish Line. This is a big deal if you don’t want to shell out for the signature models or cannot afford to. At $99, these are even cheaper than the Soldier line which is/has been the primary takedown model for much of James’ career.

I have been steadily gathering Soldiers, from about the 3 onwards. They make for great all-around performers. (Still waiting on a good deal to try out the VII, I’m a bigger dude so I am hoping that fact will change how I experience the shoe.)

This is pretty cool and now all I have to do is wait for one of our blogmates to test these so I can figure out if I should snag a pair on discount to wear at the rec center during the weekly hoop session.

The LeBron Zoom Witness is available in Black/White and Red/White for $99.

Are you a fan of the James takedown models? If so, which ones are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below.


lebron-zoom-witness-2 lebron-zoom-witness-3


lebron-zoom-witness-5 lebron-zoom-witness-6

Images Via: FinishLine


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