Nike KD 6 Elite – Blue/Orange

Images of the Nike Kd 6 Elite have surfaced and these appear to be the most technologically advanced Kd’s to date.

As you can see, these feature a ton of Nikes greatest technologies. The upper is comprised of Engineered Mesh and Dynamic Flywire, while the midsole is a full length Max Zoom unit, such as used on the Lebron 10s. The outsole appears to have a traction pattern that is remarkably similar to the Kd V, which is not a bad thing since the Kd V had great traction. Now about this colorway, it reminds me a lot of the Nike Airmax Sunset Pack.

The Kd 6 Elite is set to release some time in April for the retail price of $200.

Nike KD 6 Elite – BlueOrange1

Nike KD 6 Elite – BlueOrange4

Nike KD 6 Elite – BlueOrange3

Nike KD 6 Elite – BlueOrange2

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  1. they beefed up what lacked in the regular kd6 but yeah max zoom on a kd6 is new looking forward to this :O

    1. You’re absolutely right. They fixed what was lacking in the original model. This is what an elite model should be like.

      1. yes they enhanced all the aspects that was lacking ie. the traction and ventilation and they made up for last year’s elite model w/c was not deserving to be called elite model.

      2. FO SHO, I expect KD to go harder to the Rack and be dfar more agressive in these knowing he can go harder and Last longer due to the Full Length Zoom which are Leg savers for sure. KD is headed to the Finals in these Beasts

      3. Would u chose the nike zoom cursader or kd 6 for a guard if neither then what shoe just trying to kind a good shoe for a good price

          1. with the full length air max bag, a shank is normally not used and there is an internal heel cup so no place to put the carbon fiber

  2. Amazing. It’s great to see Max Zoom make another appearance (I LOVE playing in the Lebron X mostly because of the cushioning). Can’t wait to grab these!

  3. I’m thinking that court feel might not be as much as a lacking issue like it was with the Lebron X.

    1. That would be a good improvement too. I really didn’t like that tongue off to the side, to tell you the truth, I didn’t like anything about the KD 6s at all.

  4. These are by far the best KDs I’ve seen since the regular KD Vs.

    If they were something like $160 to $180 I’d be all over them, for $200 though, I think I will wait for the performance review from Nightwing before deciding whether or not to purchase them.

    1. Definitely wait for the review. I got the Seat Pleasants KD VI before NW’s review and they were so so compared to what else was in my rotation. Also the KD elites took a hit from last year and have people cautious on a wait & see tip.

  5. This is why it’s hard to go away from Nike. They might have a few sub-par models sometimes, but then they usually right it and come up with the goods.

  6. I can’t wait for these. Check out those big ass flex grooves at the front, fixing the lebron x’s biggest weakness. I have the lebron xi and I think they shouldve featured max zoom as it is my favorite cushion to date but put it on a low top and throw in the mesh and I think I just found my next hoopin shoe.

  7. I have been waiting for a MAX Zoom LeBron low ever since the 10’s , but seems like we’ll all be going KD now for our low top Max Zoom fix.

  8. Unless they firmed up the cushion I don’t know if I would feel totally comfortable hooping in what’s essentially a lowcut Lebron X (at least cushion-wise). It would take a lot to change my mind about the style. I really like what Nike has done here. That price point is a killer though. Nike’s/Jordan’s prices just keep going up and up yet my paycheck stays about the same. Not the best combination. Guess if I want to stay in the sneaker game I’m gonna have to start working the boulevard selling my a$$ for top dollar. Maybe I’ll get a Jordan XI concord tattooed on each butt cheek. People will love it.

  9. I always don’t understand why they make these low cut shoes with big air bags. They don’t have the high top protection for big man and don’t have the great court feeling for guards. They’ll have extremely poor stability consider the zoom max is even softer than the regular max air bag.

    1. That’s what I was thinking in the Lebron 11 lows post.

      Would it be fair to say that Max Zoom Air is a bit more low profile though than the 360 Air Max units? Also, couldn’t they make it a bit firmer by increasing the PSI?

    2. Me too, I’m always cautious of lows with large volume air bags from a stability perspective also. I tend to only wear lows with a pronounced outrigger.

  10. So they can put a zoom max unit on a low top. Just not on the right one(signature). I would love to experience the same cushioning systems for the x and xi in a low top. Shame really. Other than that i cannot wait to see how these will perform.

    1. Hope you’ll are ready, because 200 is the new price point. Only way to change it, is to not buy it.
      People will still “hype” them, causing NIKE to win in the long run, if not on this shoe than another.
      Just look at the retro Jordan’s.

  11. Can someone drop some knowledge on me regarding engineered mesh vs mesh? Engineered mesh sounds like a marketing gimmick. Last I checked all mesh is technically engineered since it is not a natural fiber but man made to create breathabity

    1. From my understanding first of all Engineered mesh is actually only 90% mesh. what the other 10 percent is i have no idea, and the other main difference is how it was “knitted” if you notice the kobe 8 and compare it to the hyperrev you can kinda see the difference on how the contruction differs.

  12. Can someone drop some knowledge on me regarding engineered mesh vs mesh? Engineered mesh sounds like a marketing gimmick. Last I checked all mesh is technically engineered since it is not a natural fiber but man made to create breathability

  13. Amazed, last summer I was expecting the KD 6 to sell mediocre compared to the Lebron 11. KD line did a better job this year. Maybe Lebron 12 should move launch to summer?

  14. you guys complaining about $200, imagine how we feel here down under in australia lol…

    Retro Js 220 (except for 1s which are 180)
    LBJ XIs $280 (or 240, I can’t remember)


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