Latest Performance Reviews T-Shirt?

Would you be interested in purchasing a T-shirt? Check out the video and the quality of the print and let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comment section. Positive and negative comments will help so please be honest about what you think. Thanks!


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30 Comments on T-Shirt?

  1. hmm I like the idea but the shirt looks a little too bland. Maybe it would be better if you came up with diff image or color.

  2. Would u send it to i.e Poland? How much would it cost?

  3. If you could offer it in white Im in!

  4. Nice! If you send it to Germany , I would buy one :)

    Greets Dan

  5. I like :) What about making one sleeveless version? Better when you play ball. And white would be nice also. If you will ship to Norway im in 😀

    • I would agree on getting them sleeveless. What better way to promote your website while ballin. I say do some black tee’s now, and if they become a hit, do them in white. I would buy some.

  6. very interest in getting one shirt.
    the logo looks like it will crack after a few washes.

  7. I would seriously think of buying one !

    Greetings from France

  8. its a iron digital print? that would explain somehow the white thing cuts in half your saying. probably printer ink quality is to blame when printing on the sheet they would iron on to the shirt. sorry if i still have not sent you my kicks on court appreciation shirt for you. been short on time to do them as well as resources. good shirt though. i would like it larger though. you can do it in white. text has blackborders to have the text come out.

  9. Ya, but do some different colors and ill buy one

  10. I like them as long as their not like $40 ill get one

  11. I like the shirt, its really clean. But I think another good idea might be drawstring bags or gym bags with your logo. Those i would definitely buy.

  12. I’m in for one. Gotta rep on the East Coast!!
    What about a charcoal (dark grey) t-shirt?

  13. sleeveless for balling?
    would you ship to the Philippines?

  14. KLO be stopped vs L.A. Parking Enforcement // November 16, 2012 at 6:04 am // Reply

    dope – your gonne be like Jessie James making 3/4 of his millions off of tshirts. i’ll buy but im a XXL so get that in the program – ill give you 25 shipped. The logo hook up you got is koo so floss it. Big UP.

  15. I think there’s no problem with the printing. If you look closely at the logo on the site, it also has that gradient at the middle.

  16. KLO be stopped vs L.A. Parking Enforcement // November 16, 2012 at 6:07 am // Reply

    oh yeah – Im headed to a Susan G Komen respecting my Moms 2 years taking pills staying alive with routin check ups with the doctor. Its tuff watching ur mom take poison to kill cancer – so get me a pinky dub X. NO BS.

  17. KLO be stopped vs L.A. Parking Enforcement // November 16, 2012 at 6:11 am // Reply

    dang – every post thats in is Overseas.Im in Lost Angels CA. 90033. Put the Run in – the Shirts will move in Black – one Pink, no white.

  18. Greetings from Singapore. Like the tee. Would like to see one in white also. How about a sleeveless version? Would like to use it when I play basketball. :)

  19. World Love to have One!! Germany represents Kicks on Court!!

  20. yeh ill get three – black, white and pink, to show appreciation

  21. also it would be nice if some proceeds goes to breast cancer if you ever decide to go with the pink. if not ill still get some

  22. Totally in!! I dig it, I’ve told all my friends about the site to spread the word and support

  23. It’s really cool! I’d like to see some tattoo designs on the shirt too since you do some.

  24. Looks good! I’m not hating at all but…. it looks to simple! Maybe make at least 5 different Colorways with a random basketball shoe on the back of the shirt! Still, it’s great and word of advice….. you should wear that on every performance review in your shoe room or outdoors to promote it well especially on youtube! Maybe in 2-5 years you may become an official shoe reviewer of the world! Peace bro :)

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