Get a Detailed Look at the Jordan Jumpman Pro OG Retro

We just reported on the Jordan Jumpman Pro returning in Retro form for 2017, and as per usual, overseas retailers launched the kicks much earlier than U.S. retailers

Two trusted eBay sellers have the original Black/Red-White colorway in stock and they look very similar to the OG model from 1997. However, the carbon fiber doesn’t look like actual carbon fiber and it’s color has changed from silver/black to black/red. However, there are other elements straight from the OG present on this modern remake including the heel Jumpman emblem within the silver circle, Jumpman Pro heel tab, tilted and stitched Jumpman logo, and translucent red outsoles. Is full-length Zoom Air present this time around? We’ll have to wait to find out.

There is still no concrete release date as of now, but if you were impatient — like some of us at WearTesters — and wanted to grab a pair now then you can at the following eBay seller listings.

id4shoes | gto6900








  1. I think this and the Jordan 11 have the best way to use translucent- put solid rubber herringbone pieces on the key contact zones. That way the traction and durability won’t be compromised. There are a lot of ideas from older shoes that could be made use of today.

  2. I had some of these in junior high and yeah the zoom was amazing like the flight zoom 96 and Penny’s in the forefoot. It’s true retros just aren’t the same. But being at the house I grew up in doesn’t feel the same either so who knows. It’s like retros are meant to be collector nostalgia items not to play in. I also remember these running small or tight but that could change, retros are fairly all true to size. Good to see these out again but I don’t love them enough to wear or own some again. I had the black with blue. If you look at the side they even have some of the 12 design. I also got them because my limit was 135 like the Penny’s cost, 150 for Jordan’s was too much lol. This was the first shoe that wasn’t a true Jordan like the numbered series or Nike air jordan. I remember my friends didnt like em when i wore em so I traded em in. Now there are a 100 different Jordan shoes out. I liked the numbered stuff and that he wore the shoes, it’s gotten out of hand now, just another shoe brand.

  3. I saw these posted too and was wondering what the tech might be and if they are that price on eBay then how much will they be stateside (rhetorical questions). I am interested though because I genuinely like the look of the shoe. I just hope that it hasn’t been neutered.

    1. Last year i bought 2 pair of these for a total of 125. One was dead stock, the other was vnds. Now, theyre 120 & up. This is my favorite jordan other than 11s & 12s

  4. But why not put the same tech in retro shoes? Why not make them for performance again? Zoom isn’t outdated tech, and Nike isn’t cutting prices as they remove key elements. That’s like someone selling a vintage sports car, but they took out the AC and took the wheels off, yet are trying to get way more than what it’s worth now.

    1. The only reason I can think of is then it might make the Signature shoes look bad. Hear me out.. You put full-length zoom in a $125 shoe and has only forefoot zoom in a Kyrie 1 and only Heel Zoom (SMH) in a Kobe AD $160 shoe. I agree its stupid but why did they remove the forefoot Zoom in the Penny 4 (according to the deconstruction) and price it at $160.

      1. Nike’s price points don’t even make sense anymore, and it’s almost pointless to try to figure out. I’m still trying to figure out why retros cost more than new Air Jordans. Granted, anybody thinking about playing in any Jordans 1-9 is crazy, but still. Like Trezz said, at that point, Nike is just banking on nostalgia and not actual value of the shoe.

      2. I completely agree that it makes the Sigs look bad and it should because the Sigs themselves should have more. Being a signature model means that all the best should be there especially when team models have more (i.e. this year’s hyper dunk with forefoot and heel cored out zoom creating a trampoline effect). This is why everyone was shocked with the KD9 but that should be the norm in today’s competitive market. Yet, the Kobe comes not not long after and just sucks according to testers.

        Just a few years ago, a hyper rev came out with full length zoom that felt great and it was essentially a team shoe. It’s just very interesting and I’d absolutely love to be a fly on the wall in one of these pricing meetings. Lol!

        1. You can see some of the backlash. Im a fan of the zoom flight 96. I saw it was out again but had bad reviews the last couple times it got retro’d because it says full zoom but didnt have it in the forefoot. They straight up lie. So, the olympic colorway is now $80, $50 off price because nobodys buying these because they know they are stripped down. Well, they do now have full zoom but its not like it was back in the day. So they have a shoe that has forefoot and heel zoom and leather and is selling for $80 lol. And if they keep it up, people just arent going to buy new retros like they used to. Hell, if i wanted retro shoes that looked the part but dont perform and some dont even have any air pockets in them, Id get the super cheap china knockoffs. And the new videos trying to compare the fake jams to real ones have people stumped lol. Even the fakes are matching the quality. Nike is dropping to fake levels.

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