You Won’t Believe Which Brand Rick Ross Left Reebok For

After signing with Reebok as a loyal endorser, getting dropped over a pretty rape-y lyric, and then signing again, Rick Ross has now left the Vector brand for nostalgia company Ewing Athletics.

Announced on Ewing Athletic’s Instagram page just hours ago, the brand welcomed Rick Ross to the Ewing team. Ross, who has an inflammatory new album out now, commented, “@ewingathletics OVER @reebok 🔥🔥🔥.” Of course, the comments on the post are hilarious.

Specifics of this new partnership have yet to be announced, but if they are we will be sure to update you.

Will Ricky Rosé be able to make Ewings cool again? Let us know what you think about this latest partnership in the comments below.



  1. Do many ppl wear Ewing casually? I’m in Canada and nope. I would love to see a performance review on them. They do have dunne nice looking shoes 80/90s style but I’m about cushion.

  2. Poor Pat Ewing can’t get a head coaching job in the league. The big men stereotype struggle is real.

  3. Eh, good luck. Always thought the shoes only catered to specific fans/nostalgia. We can’t really make anything of Ross’s time with Reebok because that brand sank and repurposed itself.

  4. Ross remembers back in the day when he was a fantasy drug kingpin and used to imagine that he wore Ewings when he was hustling.

    I’m mad that they went the “limited” route when they came back a few years ago. I wanted the white/blue/orange joints. Ewings were big in NYC back in the day.

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