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Air Jordan XX9 Wear Test Experience in Chicago #TakeFlight

Here is some footage from the exclusive Air Jordan XX9 wear test event held in Chicago earlier this week. It was an awesome experience and it was great being able to hoop and hang out with everyone. Stay tuned for the upcoming performance review on the Air Jordan XX9 and feel free to share your thoughts below in the comment section.

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38 Comments on Air Jordan XX9 Wear Test Experience in Chicago #TakeFlight

  1. Great footage. Thanks for posting!

  2. Great, congrats man, you deserved it.

  3. Sick video!!! Mad props to all of yall for paving the way through youtube/websites now yall mainstream!!! One day I hope to reach your level!!! God Bless and safe travels back home!!!

  4. Explosive Burrito // August 16, 2014 at 12:11 am // Reply

    Kissin the tatoots after 3s?

  5. The Crossover,hehe
    Great Video,Great shooting nightwing

  6. I always dreamed about having a court like that at my house. Play 24/7 any time you want.

  7. you really like that flume beat, don’t you, NW, ha….
    nice video, man

  8. Really great video, Nightwing! So glad you guys got this opportunity to #TakeFlight at MJ’s house, no less! Sick editing. Although, that was one sick crossover from Kustoo. Ha! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYM.

  9. How much would a court like that cost, you think?

    Construction/building costs are quite high here. My town’s state Basketball team doesn’t even have a court that pristine.

  10. jack of all kicks // August 16, 2014 at 6:50 am // Reply

    you just checked several things off the bucket list

  11. Nice video Nightwing! But the crossover….??

  12. That was some great footage bruh. It’s always good to see someone who works hard being rewarded. It gives us hope that with some more time, great things can still happen. Keep it up and wishing you much more success in the future.

  13. getting crossovered like that? it must be the shoe ! LOL

  14. everybody gets crossed over like that. just that not it’s not placed on a the mainstream.

  15. Any ill feelings about the no zoom in the heel? did it have any effect on your feelings of the shoe?thanks

  16. jack of all kicks // August 16, 2014 at 11:28 pm // Reply

    just saw kickgenius vlog and the blooper reel… man, some of you are really good and some are quite terrible. NW, were you intimidated or nervous when playing? I think I would be if I was being taped and watched by so many. No matter what people say about your game, it’s your reviews that are more accurate than your J.

    • Explosive Burrito // August 16, 2014 at 11:57 pm // Reply

      You do realize he is now going to rip you to shreds, right?

      • Chilly cheese dog // August 17, 2014 at 1:01 am // Reply

        I don’t think so he probably won’t say anything mean and just explain what he was doing

        • jack of all kicks // August 17, 2014 at 7:19 am // Reply

          Like i said, i don’t care how any of the reviewers play as long as their reviews are accurate. It’s just that KG vlog says stuff about how not to trust some of the reviewers b/c they can’t play. I bought kicks based on NW reviews and he never claim the shoes make him better. most of these reviewers are probably like you and me who love to play, no matter how good or bad we are.

          • wtf, so KickGenius are now saying/implying you have to be a great player to give accurate shoe reviews?

            What about the guys that design them? I’m sure that some of them aren’t very good players, some might not even be able to ball at all. Does that now mean that we shouldn’t buy the shoes they design/make because they’re not good players?

            I haven’t watched one of their videos for months. I think one of the last ones I watched was when Tre was trying to discredit Boost after reviewing one of Adidas’ running shoes. I figured after that, that these guys are getting too biased so I haven’t really watched any of their stuff since. I was actually thinking about giving them another chance and checking out some of their current videos earlier today, but not sure if I will anymore with statements like that.

          • @Ice09, I believe it is wise to read carefully and understand what jack is saying. he practically just said what you were saying. and I believe statement like yours is rather the unpleasant kind. stay classy and read carefully next time.

          • Collins, what exactly have I said wrong?

            I feel KickGenius are biased. There’s nothing that has made me change my opinion on that.

            That video Tre made a while back where he seemed to question if Boost really is as good as Adidas say it is, gave me the opinion that he’s become biased.

            I would have tried to look at it more objectively if he gave other branded shoes apart from Nike/Jordan brand a decent score before making that video, but on average, most other brands he never scored higher than average.

            Unless you tell me that has changed in his recent reviews (last 3-4 months), I’m not sure i can take those guys seriously anymore when it comes to shoe reviews.

    • What’s this supposed to mean? Are people talking trash about his game?

      His main thing is shoe reviews and he’s one of the best at it. He also loves to play the game too, so he’s out there doing that as well. I don’t think he ever said or claimed to be an elite level athlete/ball player. That’s not what it’s about.

      • Exactly. To add I believe NW is one of, if not the oldest and one of the shortest guys on the floor. Add to it that this was a pickup game with no real defense or any real semblance of offensive strategy beyond just running up and down and I don’t think we can really get a great feel on who is good/not so good.

    • I wasnt nervous, I had more made shots than missed… nearly twice as many actually. Surprised that so many kids think people play a game with zero turnovers or missed shots and even more surprised that after doing this for 5 yrs and never once given an inaccurate review that ppl would even question my abilities. I’m 31, 5’7″ and can play better and longer than half the ppl talking. You know how things can be edited to make someone look really good? Same thing can happen to make others look really bad. It is what it is though, we had fun and the bloopers show it. The ones talking usually know the least about the game. Everyone Ive ever played with has given me props for what I can do out there.

  17. Nyjumpman23 // August 17, 2014 at 2:49 am // Reply

    Happy for you as always my good friend. Well deserved, but STAY salty on kustoo!!!! Lol that Tim hardaway double cross tho!! Lol. Bucketlisr accomplishment.

  18. *throoowwbbaacckk* i remember the days when i first came across nw thru the hyperfuse 2010 vid (which i ended up buying)… Now he has his own website, followers and recognition from major brands. im still that loser on the grind…. sigghh keep it up

  19. I like the design of your team jersey. Can you take a photo and send it to me hehe

  20. Jsonmyfeetz // August 17, 2014 at 7:34 pm // Reply

    Even more great footage man! Looking forward to the performance review.

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