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Hello, WearTesters readers, new and old alike!

Long gone are the days of rating things on a 1-10 scale.

Unfortunately, when we had our 1-10 rating system in place it was becoming more and more apparent that only the shoes listed with scores at a 9 and above were considered “good” basketball shoes when, realistically, 7-8 signified when something was “good” while 9-10 signified when something was “great.”

Once the issues with scores became overwhelmingly apparent we decided to change things up a bit. Now, our badge system not only rates performance shoes a bit more accurately, but it’s also much easier to understand — especially if you play basketball. If you don’t play basketball or are new to the game, don’t worry, you’ll catch up sooner than you may think.

This is our breakdown of what each badge means so you can soak up the best and most comprehensive information found on the ‘net and take it with you on your search to find the best basketball shoe for you.

We hope you enjoy the breakdown of our scoring system as well as our performance reviews.


This is pretty self explanatory. Being benched is never a good thing, so if you see this badge… buyer beware.

6th MAN

Despite what some may think, being the first option off the bench is a great accomplishment. The 6th Man represents the player that’s been chosen to reinvigorate and lead the second unit coming in. The 6th Man not only gets the job done on the hardwood, but also puts up some impressive numbers while doing it. Being the best 6th Man in the league is considered a good thing. If you see this badge then the attribute will get the job done.

Starting 5

If you’re in the starting lineup then you play an important role on the team. Not only because you perform at a high level, but you lead the rest of the team by example. If you see a Starting 5 badge then that means that this attribute is good to go.


What’s better than being in your squad’s starting 5? Being an All-Star. Not only are you good but you excel compared to the competition. If you see this badge you’re in for a treat.

Hall of FAME

When all is said and done, if you’ve made it into the Hall of Fame then you’ve solidified your legacy as one of the greatest to ever do it — the G.O.A.T., if you will. If you see this badge on an attribute it’s one of the best we’ve ever tested, enjoy.