If You Need XDR, the LeBron Soldier 10 Black/Gum May Be for You

The Nike LeBron Soldier 10 colorways are going to start pouring in and the one of the first to hit retailers (not just NikeiD) is this Black/Gum version.

To all you outdoor hoopers, there’s no official indication that this outsole is the XDR variant. Since the Soldier 10 iD is sold out, we have no word on whether the customization service will allow the option for an XDR outsole. However, we’ve seen this colorway with XDR tags. If you spot them in store with an XDR tag, get at us on social media or comment below!

You can go online to see if your local Foot Locker is stocking them. To do so, click here or got to FootLocker.com/launchlocator.

This Black/Gum colorway is simple and utilitarian — it’s here to do business, and that seems like what the Soldier 10 was designed for. Are you excited to get this shoe on the hardwood? Will you be crossing the two uppermost straps on your pair for style points? Let us know in the comments.

lebron soldier 10 black gum

lebron soldier 10 black gum 2

lebron soldier 10 black gum 3

lebron soldier 10 black gum 1

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  1. I just picked these up at my local House of Hoops here in San Antonio TX and they DO NOT have the XDR tag and if you are able to try them please do so as I went down 1/2 a size only because they did not an 11.5 instock so I was able to try on an 11 and 12 and went for the 11 for that true one to one fit and I still have a lil bit of length left for my toes. I am a true 11.5 in all Air Jordans, Kobes, Lebrons, and KDs if that helps with getting a sizing idea if you are not able to try these on. God Bless!

      1. Thank you Noah for your great work on this site! I and many others truly appreciate it! All the best!

  2. Footlocker.com said they had them at my local Footloocker, but they didn’t have them. They said they didn’t even know if they were getting them.

    1. Im assuming you used the footlocker launch locater. That’s what I did and the footlocker launch locater stated that my House of Hoops here in San Antonio TX had them so before I went to the store I called ahead to confirm. We have 7 footlockers (that’s not including kids or ladies) here in SA and I called each one even though the launch locater only stated that my HoH had them just in case 🙂 according to the website and the employees they officially released on June 21st same day as the nikeid championship pair. With all the online hype about the nikeid pair folks including myslef were not aware of that these shoes also released the same day just not available online but locally. I was able to buy my pair June 22nd a day after and while I was there trying the size 11 and 12 on there were at least 4 others buying a pair as well. One guy even waited for me to decide what size I was going with so he can buy the other. Having Lebron favor this shoe over his signature and ultimately capturing the title definitely increased the interest in this shoe tremendously! I can’t wait to get playing in this shoe!

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