WTF Did Nike Do to the Air More Uptempo ?

WTF did Nike just do to the Air More Uptempo?!

Taking Max Air to the extreme, Nike is just gonna do it. Like it or not.

We get it. The Air Max 720 is the next wave of Air Maxes for the Swoosh. But seriously… what the hell.

This monstrosity takes what was an iconic basketball silhouette and places it atop the brand new 720 Air Max cushioning. Granted, these will be very comfortable. However, these two things just don’t belong. Paying tribute to your heritage and ruining it all at the same time. My goodness. These are hideous.

We don’t know when the Nike Air More Uptempo 720 is releasing, but when it does they will be a QS which is a good thing. It will reduce the odds we run into someone wearing these things while you may be out wearing the actual Air More Uptempo.

Jokes aside, this just screams “talk about me”. So, that is how we’ll treat it. Leave your thoughts on the Nike Air More Uptempo 720 QS and let us know if Nike has lost it with this one.

We won’t be updating you on when they are available as we plan on forgetting we ever saw them.

via US11


  1. This is just hilarious. I acknowledge the innovation but there are things which are really not meant to be combined or fused and this one is a good example. I hate that they added the word “MAX” to the outer side of the shoe. It just looks disgusting

  2. Sweet baby Jesus why? Burn it. Burn it with fire.

    For years I thought it would be cool for them to upgrade the cushion of the More Uptempo (they’re bricks). But what I wanted was more or less a Protro version. It would look more or less the same but hide some softer phylon and maybe some Max Zoom (like the Lebron x). These are just awful.

  3. PFFT, anyone who assumes these are basketball shoes must be out of their mind. Of course they aren’t meant to play in. Gross design but probably pillows for your feet

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