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Why does everyone hate team Jordans?

Back in the mid-90s, the Team Jordan was introduced and changed the game for Jordan fans everywhere that couldn’t afford the main signature model.

Team Jordans weren’t cheap imitations; they featured the same tech and materials as the signature line. So why do people hate them nowadays?

Sound off below and share your thoughts on why Team Jordans get such a bad wrap in today’s sneaker landscape.


  1. Both material and performance were sub par. Now, we just received the new Ultra Fly and think it might turn the corner for Jordan. We will see.

  2. I remember Team Jordans coming out and because they had the same tech and were often based on the design of the signature shoes, they were pretty popular. At some point though, a lot of the designs just weren’t aesthetically pleasing. I think now since there’s no direct (appealing) lineage between those first years of Team J’s and their retro versions, there’s a huge disconnect with most of the younger generation of Jordan shoe wearers that maybe didn’t see MJ, Vin Baker, Bibby, Finley, Eddie Jones, et al play. Really though, if this generation won’t even wear the *signature* Jordans higher than the 14 (supposedly because MJ played in them), nothing will convince them that a Jumpman Pro or Pro Quick is cool. Yet they’ll wear a Spiz’ike or Dub Zero, which I personally just don’t understand at all.

  3. I grew up in that time. I know they’re legit and I want them to be the shoe I remembered. But “they featured the same tech and materials as the signature” is unfortunately not true with many of the retros. What once was real carbon fiber is now cheap TPU plastic. What once was zoom air is now a dual density foam setup. What once was premium buttery soft leather is now Payless pleather. They’re doing that AND have the ball$ to charge $140+? Why should I have respect for the product when Jordan brand doesn’t? Some Team J retros have been OK but none of them have been 100% done correctly. Jordan brand is incredibly inconsistent.

  4. The brand cut corners on retros so people don’t trust them. they should cleary announce changes to before a retro is released. They don’t and shoes sit on shelves. The hatred is earned, and the brand is doing nothing to fix it.

  5. because they are young, they didnt grow up w/ the originals. their opinions are based on retros. the shoes were great like most shoes of the 90s. sadly it’ll never be the same level of creativity and quality

  6. Probably because back in the day, team Js’ quality is at par with the main line and the aesthetics, materials, quality and performance is the same with the J series. Man, they really look classy. Only in that time where a team shoe can have FULL LENGTH ZOOM/AIR, CARBON FIBER PLATE AND PREMIUM LEATHER.

  7. Jumpman Swift 6 retro please. Kids nowadays wear jordans for their off court appeal. They don’t realize that those shoes were made for performance uses.

    I think for those aged 30’s and up who had the chance to experience the Jumpman team models and flagship models, there is minimal differences in terms of tech or performance.

  8. it’s simple, it’s because they don’t look anywhere near as cool, which means that they can’t be worn casually, and more importantly, they aren’t associated with any of jordan’s iconic moments on the basketball court…the most coveted jordans (i mean apart from stuff like off whites or college team exclusives or kaws collab, eminem and carhartt or whatever) are the ones that jordan wore, that transmits even to kids and hypebeasts now…i mean jordans mean so much to so many people that don’t really have anything to do with basketball really, so the technology and materials and stuff only really matters to people who care about this stuff for performance purposes, i mean it’s not like anybody is gonna be wearing hyperdunks with jeans ten years from now….or at least i hope not

  9. that being said………..now that ’90s retro-mania is at an all time high maybe a$ap rocky is gonna wear some team jordans and people are gonna fiend for them haha

  10. Simple answer, group thinking aka hype. People have lost their ability to think for themselves. If a shoe (or anything really) doesn’t have a rep for being cool or worst has a bad rep it’s gna get trashed no matter what it looks like. If they come out with an off-white team jordan it will sell out instantly but every other team j will still be considered trashed.

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