The White/Gum LeBron Soldier 10 Spotted with XDR

We have confirmation by commenter DAFILIPINOFLASH that the Black/Gum LeBron Soldier 10 currently arriving at Foot Locker locations in the States does not feature an XDR tag. However, another gum LeBron Soldier 10 has been spotted with an XDR tag.

The two gum iterations will feature XDR outsoles overseas, but traditional outsoles in the United States. Soon, the Soldier 10 will probably come back to NikeiD with the XDR option. It’s a shame that XDR comes at a premium in the States because we receive comments and messages everyday requesting XDR outsoles. There are tons of people that ball outdoors that simply trash the translucent outsoles featured on many of the latest Nike sigs.

However unlikely, if you see a LeBron Soldier 10 Stateside with an XDR tag, let us know by commenting on the site or using the #WearTesters on social media. Which do you prefer, the white/gum or black/gum?

lebron soldier 10 XDR 1

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  1. Man I was hoping the champ pack iD would let me do I white upper. I really like this. ?? If only it had those icy bottoms.

  2. The black ones. I can’t keep white shoes clean. Too bad for XDR. Maybe you can only get the XDR on NIkeID.

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