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What Makes a Truly Great Logo?

Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman.

As sneakerheads, we talk a lot about logos. Everything from a brand logos, to a player logos on PE’s and signature models. Some we love and some we hate, but for most the power of a logo drives our purchasing decisions and how we view or judge a certain product. Its only natural that we hold products from a powerful logo like the Nike Swoosh or Jordan Jumpman to a higher standard than say, Li-Ning’s logo.

Michael Bierut, the graphic designer behind Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign logo gives us some insight behind the different types of logos and what truly makes a great logo.

What is your favorite sneaker related logo? Sound off in the comments section below.

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  1. I have to be honest, I have always have a thing with the JumpMan. the second logo would have to be the classic Reebok Logo. third would be Adidas. Nike from the known brand what it was from number 2 is now dead last in my book. you have to fault Nike for misplacing the Swoosh Logo and overabundance of it scattered all over the shoe, I hated what Nike did recently.

  2. IMO for basketball sneakers is that Under Armour, Melo, Rose and Lilard’s logo makes their shoe look less attractive.

    Adidas 3 stripes placed vertical or at 45 degrees looks much better vs placed diagonal or swerved (eg: Real Deal, Crazylight) where the Nike logo placed any which way doesn’t have that affect.

    Brandblack has a nice sleek logo but the JC logo is ugly and reminds me of UA. The Converse and Jumpman logo are iconic and nice as long as it’s not huge like on some of the 29.

    1. Sig logos are indeed a hit or miss. As bland as the UA logo is, the SC/30 logo was awesome. The CP3 logo is another one I like.

      Kobe’s Shozoku and the Jordan Jumpman are at the top of my list. I like Kobe’s more, just because the symmetry allows for a lot of manipulation on clothing or shoes.

  3. Literally only hate the under armour logo as it is so thoughtless.

    It’s like the nike pe department that designs logos for rudy gay and pau gasol got to do UAs entire company branding.

    Ua could use different branding for bball overall.
    As it stands now I feel like Ua logo kinda just represents dudes that rock spandex in inappropriate venues.

  4. The Shoe Logo doesn’t matter to me as long the shoe performs,

    I know some people are one sided when it comes to logo to the point that they won’t even touch any other brand regardless if it performs well or not,

    But for serious Ballers who are into performance, the Logo should never be an issue.

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