WearTesters Trash Talk Tackles Comic Con Footage

In addition to being shoe nerds, we’re also pretty heavy comic nerds. If you’re into comics and their movie adaptations then you might enjoy the back and fourth conversation between Jarron and I, but if you’re looking for Trash Talk on kicks… that won’t happen this time around. There was just too much nerd rage pent up after this weekend’s Comic Con events and we had to talk about.

Hopefully you enjoy, and thanks for watching!!!


Disclosure: I curse way more than I even thought I could. Swear Jar champ right here…


  1. My thoughts after watching your videos

    Batman V Superman
    I think that desert Batman is a Batman nightmare at the beginning of the movie of a post apocalyptic world where Superman took over. This leads to Batman wanting to take down Supes. Wayne then goes to a Lexcorp fundraiser where he meets Wonderwoman and its revealed they both know who each other are. Well anyways Bruce went to the fundraiser to scout the level of security Lex usually has so he can steal the Kyrpotnite Lex got from the world generator (Lexcorp seemed like someone broke in). Anyways Superman hear’s the alarm at Lexcorp and he fights Batman round 1. He see’s that Batman brutally beat up the guards and develops a distaste for him. He wins this round and gives Batman a warning he knows he won’t follow, before Batman gets away bleeding. Batman then preps for round 2. Here he beats Superman and drops the “Do you bleed” and “my hand at your throat line”. All the while, Lex starts and finishes the Doomsday project since he lost Kyrptonite. Superman now in a slight depression. Does not take the bait and stays put of the fight. Batman being the hero that he is takes on Doomaday, but with his destroyed armor he calls the help of Wonderwoman. While Batman is about to be killed by Doomsday while he tries to save a family, Superman finally joins in and saves him. The holy trinity defeats Doomsday but Superman dies (for now) in the process. Batman and WW decide that to protect the world from these God like creatures they need to start a leuge

    1. league* and Batman mentions new of a Red Blur in Central City while Wonderwoman brings up a cousin she has that lives underwater.Batman says he has heard of him. The movie end
      (I forgot to mention this but when Batman breaks into Lexcorp he sees a picture Meta’s including Aquaman

      For Suicide Squad the only thing is I think Joker was tourturing Harley Quinn when she was his mental doctor, not Robin. If you freeze right before that it shows Harley strapped to a chair

  2. Batman v Superman one word epic. You guys had interesting theory about Robin or Robin’s. I wasn’t huge fan when I heard about Batfleck because, of DD. This movie though look very promising and a true challenge to Marvels dominating MCU.

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