WearTesters Trash Talk | James Harden signs to adidas

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WearTesters Trash Talk is back with our thoughts on the move James Harden made from Nike to adidas. Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below, and thanks for watching!!!


  1. Guys I think they ll probably invent a logo similar to the baron Davies one from and1
    They ll sell like crazy lifestyle gear (originals)
    Even if hardens game drops as u great prophets predict he lol still sell the lifestyle gear
    I can’t see Adidas producing anywhere close to what UA is offering at the moment
    Plus every all star that Adidas signs … We all know what happens thank god Kobe left before the curse ;P

    1. Fuck Kobe Bryant.

      Dwayne Wade’s mother was a crack head, abandoned Wade as a child, and Wade forgave her, bought her a church.
      LeBron’s mother was a complete mess, getting arrested for drunken driving, yet LeBron adores his mother.
      Sues his mother for wanting to sell his memorabilia.

      Anything that happened post Adidas, is a boon to Adidas, then adding on season ending injuries to both the achillies and knee while in NIKE shoes, and a shoulder, three years in a row.

      The real curse is having him on your team, be it the Lakers or Adidas, especially when you don’t want him.

      Good riddance when he retires.

  2. So all nikes will make you tear your achiles tendon. Kobe.wes matthew. 5 nfl players . Oh no nike has the course also.

      1. Yao ming was reebok but greg oden and yao mings foot problems came from the fact that they were heavy 7 footers and that theyre lets coudnt carry them anymore.

  3. Jahronmon is right. Hypebeasts will eat up whatever Kanye designs. Add the fact that it’s a basketball shoe and Harden’s and theyre gone

    1. i think hypebeasts will depend on the design, if it’s appropriate for people (yeezy boost 350 is appropriate since it’s a simple design, it’s a comfortable shoe and it doesn’t look weird), they will cop the shit of that shoe IMO. I think they’ll not cop weird shoes for the sake of fashion, but hype is definitely a plus for a shoe. If harden’s shoe looks like a basketball shoe with mesh etc (that makes it look like a normal performance bball shoe) and not primeknit, it’ll lessen the hype even if it’s designed by kanye. Just imagine, if the crazy light 2 is design by kanye, would people cop it? Let’s see if hypebeasts buy the shit of out the yeezy boosts 950.

  4. This was a dope discussion. Jahronmon was absolutely right though. A James harden kanye design even if it’s mass produced, sells out everywhere.

  5. i dunno, maybe i just love jimmy harden a bit too much, but i don’t really see how the dude is gonna fall off, t-mac was an incredible player, for sure, and one of my all time favorites (i’m wearing a t-mac raptors jersey right now), but james harden is a considerably more fundamentally sound player than he was, and a lot of his game comes from footwork and being able to shoot the rock from midrange up to deep three territory, without having to rely on quickness or athleticism to put the ball in the hoop….you also have to think about the fact that harden has improved every single year he’s been in the nba, so i just don’t see how that prophecy is gonna pan out for the time being…

  6. Kanye has nowhere near the knowledge/ability to design a performance shoe. If anything, he’ll give his “input” while an in house designer actuall designs it… Just like ALL of his designs so far. A Kanye situation is the same as a signature deal. Designers design it, and he just gives his opinions… He just happens to be more vocal about it all.

    As for the deal, I really don’t think this will pan out much for Adidas. Harden really doesn’t have a huge fan base. Everyone knows him because of his beard, but that doesn’t mean his shoes will sell…

  7. For Harden’s first sig Forefoot boost only is a good idea. But an adiprene crash pad on the heel would also be decent or give it a good shock absorbing cut like in the super.fly’s that really works even if its just phylon that hopefully works fine with EVA. Then a primeknit upper and same lacing system with the cl5 then a beard-like traction. No straps please, stay away Kanye.

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