WearTesters Trash Talk #5 | Age of Ultron, Curry 2, Suicide Squad

Hey guys! Welcome to the WearTesters Trash Talk #5. Today we discuss our thoughts on Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Under Armour Curry 2’s potential price, and what we’ve seen thus far for the upcoming Suicide Squad film.

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  1. Jahron I respectfully disagree with you on Suicide Squads tone clashing with BvS:DOJ. Wonderwomans costume was filtered. If you remove the filter its is red and blue. For proof look at the Deandre Jordan Batmobile video. Also the tattoos won’t be visable during the movie as set photos show him in his Dark Knight Returns dreds, which continues with the tone of Batman v Superman. Lastly I think the tattoos may not be in the movies. All of them are iconic Joker moments, and the photo released on the Jokers 75th aniversary, so it may just be to celebrate that. Think about it. Harley Quinn was physiologist so I doubt she knows how to tattoo people. Joker was a criminal before hand so I doubt he knows to tattoo. So did the Joker go into a tattoo place.
    Great Video as all ways. My favorite thing about this site (besides performance test)

  2. I think the price increase is justified but not smart. People shoe just like shoes for look or brand finally accepted UA last year. But now tere nicbe of being a “elite” good looking yet cheap shoe will be gone. Who knows. Kyrie and Harden are also huge sports figures who can sell to the general public. Also isn’t 140 the Hyperdunk price. Only bought them in retail so not sure

  3. Age of ultron is one of the best movies ive ever seen period. SPOILER ALERT hawkeye having kids and a wife feels kinda strange though but its ok with me since hawkeye was my underdog favourite for an avengers squad i mean who wouldnt want a guy who doesnt miss on a team. Dc universe has been slacking though so im not following the suicide squad. Curry 2 being 140 isnt bad though that would equal to around 7.5-9k here so average pricing not cheap and not expensive. I mean $20 for an increase isnt bad considering that he won an mvp that being said though i am praying for better herringbone in the curry 2 just give me wider spacing and or thicker grooves and im good the rubber used is great for both the clutchfit and curry one so use the same rubber and improved pattern by usong thicker grooves and wider placement so dust wont affect the traction as much. I hope they use thicker charged foam with the micro g and maybe a thicker micro g insole while im nitpicking. Carbon fiber though we all know carbon fiber is a great support piece for a shank or heel counter. and someone answer me when is the last time youve seen carbon fiber on a shoe for 140. I hope that the tech specs remain though unlike the hyperdunk 2015 having full length zoom and having targeted instead.

  4. 1. Nice video, always enjoy these. 2. Y’all almost spoiled the Age of Ultron for me. Had me jumping around the video like the Hulk. Don’t think I saw a spoiler alert, but really I was prepared regardless.

    3. Enjoy comic book universe (whichever) but not the biggest comic book head, a.k.a. I have passable knowledge. As to Suicide Squad and that character photo, it’s still early days, but Will Smith just looks out of water to me. Might not be the best description but what I mean is in his recent movies he’s either been the main/only actor or shared the screen with one other big actor or his son lol. This time he’s with all these other relative newbies. The marketing will use him, but it just looks strange to me. I do like his acting though. We’ll see, but I’m with NW.

    4. As for Curry 2 price increase, it would have been truly great and sent quite the message if they kept the price at 120. However, based on Curry’s MVP award and his growing popularity, I can barely justify an increase of this amount, as long as the shoe performs (the carbon fiber thing has always been an unnecessary “premium” gimmick, they’re taking a page out of Nike’s book). A bit risky for UA, but I think that’s about the max increase I can justify for them. I guess they wore the business hat a little more often this time, we’ll see if it pays off 😉 Keep in mind, the playoffs ain’t even over yet, and I’m honestly picking Warriors to at least get to the Finals = more spotlight. Conclusion: Let’s just hope for growing competition sake, UA brings it with a higher-priced Curry 2.

    You drew a wall of text out of me…good job! Now I wanna ball too.

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