WearTesters Trash Talk #4 | Curry MVP?, Daredevil Netflix, Deadpool Rated R

Hey Guys! Welcome to WearTesters Trash Talk #4. Today we talk about if Stephen Curry wins MVP; how it could affect Under Armour? The Daredevil Series on Netflix & Deadpool being rated R… yeah, pretty sweat stuff! Check out the video below, share your thoughts on the topics, and let us know what you think.

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  1. I do not think Curry getting MVP will much to close the gap on Nike. But it will push them far ahead of adidas. Funny enough UA’s CEO said that adidas was its dumbest competition

    IMO there was a lot of inconsistency in Daredevil’s strength. Still a great series. Arrow at its best is better for me, but there is to focus on the love stories which holds the show back. What I am trying say is I like my fav Arrow episode more than any Daredevil episode, but Daredevil consistently good.

    Deadpool being rated R is a mixed bag for me. I am 16 in 2 weeks and 17 when the movie comes out so it does not affect me but I feel for 14-16 year olds who really want to see it but can’t…..oh well I will be so I am over it!

  2. Regarding the Under Armour Curry One prices: For some reason the Curry one is way more expensive in Europe than in the states – 170,- € so something like 183 US-Dollars. Of course, prices of sneakers and performance shoes of other companies are a bit higher than in the States (even Adidas), but the differnce with this particular model – I forgot, the CluthFit, too – is triking and most likely the basic cause, why Under Armour is not having comparable sales in relation to the market value here. Since every basketball court is talking Steph Curry and is aware of his MVP worthy season, his shoe would also sell like crazy, if it was closer to the US-Pricing.

    1. Deadpool has never had a movie, and I along with most do not consider the real Deadpool to be in that awful wolverine movie…enough wolverines already people. He has had seven movies already…this will be his first outing on film. The reason being is the expense versus return of an R rated movie scared the Fox executives, so they shelved it until a test reel got leaked and blew up. Btw anyone see the batman v superman trailer…holy wow awesome…

        1. Your good dude. I know everything about deadpool is all no biggie. I even named my youngest son wade after the pool. My user name is a play on one of his side kicks as well. Been a fan since 98.

  3. IF Curry gets the Nod, UA needs to go on the campaign trail convincing people of there product with Street Teams, lower Prices more styles etc.

    On the Comic Side of Life, someone needs to contact Image and make the “Creech” movie, that character was ill.

    Wolverine, they need to remake the Mini series “Havok and Wolverine”

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