WearTesters Trash Talk #3 | Leto Joker Voice, Warriors Playoffs & Remastered Worth It

Hey Guys! Welcome to WearTesters Trash Talk #3. Today we talk about Jared Leto’s potential Joker Voice, Who Can Beat The Warriors in the Playoffs & Are Remastered Air Jordan’s Worth It. Hopefully you guys enjoy, and leave comments on your thoughts on each topic as well.

As always, thanks for watching!!!


  1. Unforutunetly I do not think that Nightwing will ever get love on the big screen because of the Titan tv show. Yes I know Flash has a movie and an Amazing show but he is more iconic and the show will be in its 4th or 5th season when the movie comes versus Titans which will be in its first or second season when Suicide Squad comes. But there is the Nightwing fan series from ismahawk

  2. Memphis is a crazy difficult match-up for GSW imo. hard to contain z-bo and Marc Gasol. lock-down perimeter D with Conley, Lee, Allen, and Green. even though the splash brothers can be unstoppable at times, Memphis’ roster counters GSW in almost every aspect.

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