WearTesters Trash Talk #2 | Fantastic 4, Spider-Man Comes to the MCU & Jordan Brand Pricing

Hey guys, here is WearTesters Trash Talk Episode 2! This episode covers the Fantastic 4, Spider-Man coming over to the MCU & Jordan Brand Pricing. Feel free to jump in on the conversation and talk some trash down in the comment section.

Hopefully you enjoy & thanks for watching!!!


  1. Impressed with your comic book knowledge!
    Love that someone is talking about Nike’s prices, especially the retros vs the flagship.
    I think it goes down to what you said in your latest Curry 1video post.
    Those are affordable, loaded with tech, and, best of all, they are available.
    Cool to learn Steph wanted his shoe to be available.
    I don’t even look for JB retros any more.
    Thanks for Weartesters.

  2. This video was really good. I enjoy hearing you guys talk about real topics like these. That pricing topic really got my attention and I found myself nodding along a lot. Thanks for this guys.

  3. The fantastic 4 is leaning towards the darker tone because the first ones were not at all dark and although I enjoyed them , a large majority of people didn’t so I think it’s a good change.

  4. great comments, but do you think that the jordan brand will bring down they’re price back to $150-$185? here in the philippines, Jordan 4 legend blues costs at 10,595 pesos and that’s $265..

    about the spiderman issue, i really think that they should debut spiderman at avengers 2, or might as well xmen because the quicksilver debuts at avengers 2 and has been shown at xmen days of future past..

  5. Good show! For me I don’t want a diffrent ethnicity playing the roles of an original ethnicity in comic book movies, especially blacks. Johnny storm is white, keep him white. Spider-Man is white keep him white. It’s time for blacks to support other black mediums of art. Create our own heroes, no substitutes. I’m happy they are making a black Panther movie. I loved blade as well. I know idris elba played heimdall but he was a small role character. If hollywood wants to really promote diversity in movies then create original ideas and not ethnic substitutes. I wanted to see an Asian play goku, and I want to see an Asian play akira as well

    1. It has nothing to do with promoting diversity. It’s about picking an actor that they feel can play the role. The race is irrelevant.

      1. Yep actually it is. Race is a factor. The more you replace actors of established figures. They suppress minorites to create their own characters. Check analytics then get back to me on that

        1. Once again race is irrelevant, if the race of a character factors into what you think about movies there is a problem.

          1. Yes there is a problem. That actors of color are not given as opportunity create main roles for themselves. So yes race is a factor

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