WearTesters 2015 Year in Review – Best Kicks On & Off Court

Merry Christmas guys! Here is our gift to you!

Nightwing2303 and JAHRONMON talk about what their favorite kicks were on and off the court this past year. Don’t forget to let us know what your favorite kicks on and off the court were in the comments section below, and what sneaker related gifts you got today.

Stay tuned tomorrow as the WearTesters worst of 2015 will be live for your viewing pleasure.


  1. merry xmas to both of you. btw, where did you get that captain phasma? I’m looking for one with a really good construct and make. thanks.

  2. Happy Holidays.

    Fantastic stuff, great discussion, wonderful points made, especially on how silly it was for Adidas to raise the prices on their performance lines before Rose took his tumble. Also, it is nice to hear reviewers who are not blinded by the swoosh, which was not to be disrespectful of Nike, but to encourage them to create product that is worthy of the prices they are asking. As one of the OG’s that was being discussed, one who has a plethora of player exclusives from all brands including Nike, it is embarrassing to see how far performance models from the swoosh have fallen. The two hundred dollar Kobe Bryant plastic low top line, is a perfect example of this. Adidas also destroyed themselves with the Crazy Light line, which came on the heels of their most promising hoops set up, Pure Motion. That was never given a chance to succeed. A Prime knit hoops shoe utilizing Pure Motion and spot specific Boost would have been bananas, then perhaps worth the dollar asked. For 2015 the best shoe for me was Air Jordan 13 Chris Paul edition.

    So great stuff, very progressive, keep up the good work.

  3. Merry Christmas to you too… Hey just wanna request if you can show us your Top 10 List of Kicks on court plz..:) thats the gift i want from any performance sneakerhead/OG this Christmas tnx

  4. Merry Christmas guys!

    My little take on this though,
    Favorite on court model that I got in 2015 were the kobe 9’s but out of thhe ones I’ve played in so far that released in 2015 the KD 8
    Off court/lifestyle- Pure boost 2. Nothing beats that in terms of comfort imo.

  5. the brandblack jets in white are currently available online at finishline for $35. Personally don’t really like the sole, it just looks to thick and bulky for my liking in a casual shoe, but for $35 i copped. They were $160 originally so i hope the leather is really good on them.

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