The Way of Wade 6 ‘Caution’ Release Date is Official

Fans of Dwyane Wade’s Li-Ning signature line will be getting a very special release this weekend: the Way of Wade 6 ‘Caution’.

This reoccurring ‘Caution’ theme has been used on the Wade line since the Way of Wade 2, and the latest version borrows design cues from the original 2013 release. Expect a new build that uses a suede strap with gold embroidery and a knit upper that echoes the caution theme.

The Way of Wade 6 features a huge Drive Foam unit in the forefoot (12.66mm thick), a small foam Cushion unit in the heel (9.85mm thick), and Li-Ning’s Cloud foam filling the rest of the midsole. The cushioning units are top-loaded, and a thick insole rests atop the strobel board. You can take a look inside Wade’s latest sneaker by checking out the Way of Wade 6 deconstructed.

The Way of Wade 6 ‘Caution’ will release in the U.S. on for $155 on May 27 at 11 AM ET.

For performance information check out Nightwing2303’s Way of Wade 6 Performance Review.

way of wade 6 caution wow 6

Image via @gz_vashchan

way of wade 6 caution release date 1

Photo via @wayofwade

way of wade 6 caution release date

Photo via @wayofwade

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