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Vince Carter’s AND1 Tai Chi ‘Dunk Contest’ is Available Now

Originally a ComplexCon exclusive, the AND1 Tai Chi has finally returned in the original White/Red colorway worn by Vince Carter in the 2000 NBA Dunk Contest.

This is a shoe (in this colorway) I’ve wanted since it originally released.

While we’ve seen the AND1 Tai Chi return in Retro form before, this is the first time we’ve had the opportunity to purchase the original White/Red version in the States (the shoe has re-released in Japan in several colorways). However, AND1’s reputation in the U.S. took a dive when the brand began selling its sneakers at Walmart.

This year, things are changing as Kevin Garnett is back on board with the brand as Creative Director. All the while, AND1 is pulling from its past as a performance footwear brand for street ballers.

If you were interested in reliving the past then it’ll only set you back $90 at AND1.com. International shipping will be available for those outside of the U.S.

Is anyone interested in grabbing a pair? I’ll be grabbing one and I plan on taking them for a spin on-court once they arrive.

You can find the AND1 Tai Chi in two colorways available now at AND1.com.

  1. Im so grabbing a pair. Hopefully they don’t sell out too quick. I wish they would re-release the leather version of of Tochillin (don’t actually remember what that version’s name is). I still have the white/red pair but the sole got super hard and slippery (insert Nightwing with “That’s what she said joke”)… Ha Ha

  2. Wow. I was totally expecting them to price gouge based on the nostalgia. I was thinking $140 minimum. Might need to give these a look. Vince Carter should get royalties. That dunk contest (best ever) MADE these shoes.

    I had the And 1 Desire and the And 1 Spree Mid back in the day. They were super legit and on par with what Nike/Adidas/Reebok was putting out at the time. I would really like to see AND1 and Reebok become relevant again.

  3. Finally a step in the right direction for a company that should be and could be on top of the TENNIE RUNNER world ! ! ! I hope this is just the beginning . They went on sale in L A @ 4:00pm and @ 4:02pm I bought both pairs that they released . THANK YOU VERY MUCH . . .

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