Upcoming Air Jordan 33 SE Low Inspired by the Classic Air Jordan 3

This Spring will see the release of the Air Jordan 33 SE — a low top version of the current flagship Air Jordan.

Building off of last years Air Jordan 33, the Air Jordan 33 SE takes things lower and lighter while focusing on improving the FastFit system.

Tooling and cushion are the same as the original Air Jordan 33, featuring an Unlocked large volume Zoom Air unit in the forefoot and a large volume Hex Zoom unit in the heel. Traction hasn’t changed at all which is good as the outsole of the 33 performed rather well — even when rubber was translucent.

The FastFit system is back, but it’s been refined quite a bit. With rear cables for heel lockdown, a large ankle strap, and midfoot cross-straps. This version of FastFit looks like it’ll provide greater lockdown than the mid top.

Materials look to be the same with lightweight mesh, synthetic overlays and a rear panel that pays homage to the Air Jordan 3’s classic Elephant Print panels.

An official release date and pricing are currently unknown, but Eastbay.com shows the Air Jordan 33 SE being available starting April 4 in the White/Black-Red colorway.

Also, eBay seller agiwolf is currently selling this pair in a full size run for $179.99. However, we expect the shoe to retail for under the $175 mark that the mid tops are listed at.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the Air Jordan 33 SE Low below in the comment section and if you’re interested in trying out a pair upon release.


  1. Dammit…i knew i should have waited. These look amazing. I hope they fixed the size issue and tweaked the “zoom” though.

  2. These look like a modern version of the 3s. Both colorways are keepers. The release date is coming soon. I wonder if they fit the same?

  3. Jordan brand is about to take all my money. I’m really liking the summer line up of shoes they have coming out. I’m more than likely getting all the performance basketball models they have dropping… and the 33 lows in that white color, must grab

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