Under Armour Unveils UAS COLLECTION 02 with Visuals from the PCH

The latest from the sportswear dynamic duo — Tim Coppens, UAS Executive Creative Director, and Ben Pruess, President of Sport Fashion at Under Armour — is UAS COLLECTION 02. Inspired by a sense of exploration, it features technical pieces made for moving light and fast.

According to UAS, the story of the explorer — the young and determined creative professionals with vagabond energy discovering the outdoors — is the foundation for UAS COLLECTION 02. The message is beautifully visualized in a short film, shot on location up and down the Pacific Coast Highway.

“UAS COLLECTION 02 continues the UAS mission of serving the ambitious with an artful blending of contemporary silhouettes and performance infused utility,” said Ben Pruess. “This quest to create a vision of modern American sportswear is expressed through Tim’s seasonal inspiration of the Explorer. The idea of exploration and a willingness to pursue dreams and forge unique paths where ever they may lead, is truly universal and at the heart of this season’s inspiration.”

Comprised of simple, luxurious essentials, UAS COLLECTION 02 will be released over the coming months in four seasonal drops. The first product drop, Explorer, launches today (March 1) with footwear and apparel pieces for men and women. It includes a stretch cotton bomber and jogger combo for men with seam taped pockets, and a woven and knit pullover to compliment a tailored sweatpant for women.

Under Armour UAS COLLECTION 02 1

Plated Cropped Sweater

As with UAS COLLECTION 01, boutiques like Mr. Porter and Barneys New York will carry select pieces from the Explorer drop of UAS COLLECTION 02. As of today, all of the footwear and apparel offerings are available at UASportswear.com. UAS COLLECTION 02 will roll out across Under Armour Brand Houses in Boston, Chicago and New York beginning March 9.

All of the UAS COLLECTION 02 pieces are featured below with tech specs and pricing. The average price for the men’s apparel pieces is $145, and for the men’s footwear it’s $162. The average price for the women’s apparel pieces is $168.

I’ve been eagerly awaiting UAS COLLECTION 02 and I wasn’t disappointed — it looks fresh, modern, and uses tons of interesting materials. Share your thoughts down below.

Under Armour UAS COLLECTION 02 3

Under Armour UAS COLLECTION 02 9

Under Armour UAS COLLECTION 02 5

Under Armour UAS COLLECTION 02 0

Under Armour UAS COLLECTION 02 2

Under Armour UAS COLLECTION 02 4



  1. They have a fresh looking collection. The prices are fair. UA moving in the right direction.

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