Undercover and Nike Gyakusou Have Their Own Sock Runner Coming

Nike may actually be a bit late to the knit sock-shoe trend.

What appears to be an Undercover x Nike Gyakusou runner has surfaced on Instagram, straight from Hong Kong.

It rides atop a Nike Free outsole, and judging by the heel counters, this silhouette is made for running. There is a plastic toewrap to reinforce the knit, and the sock-height follows a trend set by Balenciaga’s Speed Trainer and Reebok’s Sock Runner, among others (nearly every brand is doing a high knit sock-shoe).

There is no official word on release information or pricing but we’ll keep you updated.

Undercover Nike Gyakusou free 1

Undercover Nike Gyakusou free 2



Images via fyk7

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  1. This is very similar to idea had last night of a very low shoe basically a heel counter with not much above it, the upper wrapping around foot..

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