Under Armour Unveils the Curry 5 ‘Pi Day’ for Steph’s 30th Birthday

Today, Under Armour is honoring both Stephen Curry’s 30th birthday and national Pi Day, a celebration of the mathematical constant, with the Curry 5 ‘Pi Day’.

Like the constant π (3.14159), which has surprised and intrigued mathematicians for thousands of years due to its transcendence, Stephen Curry has made a career of defying what was possible in basketball; he has achieved amazing numbers, baffled statisticians, and broken records that only he could break again. 

The Curry 5 ‘Pi Day’ is inspired by the impossibility of the ancient challenge of “squaring the circle” (because of pi’s transcendence it is impossible to construct a square whose area is exactly equal to the area of a given circle). Thus, the brand is releasing only 314 pairs of the Curry 5 ‘Pi Day’ (they have already sold out, but it will restock on 4.14).

under armour curry 5 pi day 2

The “squaring the circle” mantra has been implemented both functionally and aesthetically to the Curry 5 ‘Pi Day’; the sneaker uses a circular construction built through the framing of the 90-degree angle of the foot, while the symbol for pi is featured in the knit upper of the shoe. Additionally, the numbers of pi can be found beneath the translucent outsoles, which feature “squared circle” motifs, 3.14.18 is printed on the aglets, and the pi number sequence is used on the exclusive shoe box.

According to Under Armour, the Curry 5 ‘Pi Day’ offers containment areas in the forefoot lateral wall and the heel to lock in the foot. This enables Curry to play on his toes and enhance his agility. The brand has not divulged any more tech specs.

The Under Armour Curry 5 ‘Pi Day’ retails for $130 and is available at SC30-V5.com in extremely limited numbers.

Share what you think about the Curry 5 ‘Pi Day’ in the comments below. Are you excited for Steph’s latest signature sneaker?

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under armour curry 5 pi day


Source: Under Armour


  1. This is a beautiful sneaker. I thought I was going stop buying basketball shoes since I quit organized basketball, but I might just get these to work out in just because of how sexy they look.

  2. Love the looks but the cushion seems to be the same as the 4 so ill pass UA shoes until they bring back some good cushion…

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