Under Armour SC30 Curry “MVP” T-Shirt – Available Now

Now really, if you’re still in denial of Steph Curry being MVP…You’re a joke. Just kidding, it’s cool, but really now, Steph is the MVP and you might as well cop the Under Armour SC30 Curry ‘MVP’ T-Shirt now!

The new NBA Most Valuable Player of 2014-15 put on a spectacular regular season, bedazzled the crowds during the first round of the NBA Playoffs, and is looking to do more work during this second round of the playoffs against the Memphis Grizzlies. With the announcement of the new Under Armour Curry One ‘MVP’ today, Under Armour also announced that there is a special t-shirt to help commemorate the special award for Steph Curry as well. Check out the direct link here to purchase the special Under Armour SC30 Curry ‘MVP’ T-Shirt now. V5-1280651-001_LDF V5-1280651-001_LDB


  1. I still think Harden should have got it. Curry was deserving but Harden was more deserving IMO. I think this because while Curry is the better player, if you take Curry of the Warriors they are a playoff team. Yes I know the plus minus sat, but that is a result of the Warriors bench playing against other teams starters since the Warriors starting 5 played relatively little. However if you take Harden of the Rockets you have a lottery team that is praying they land a top pick right now. This is coming from a Laker fan who hates the Rockets. But regardless not hate Curry deserved it aswell and congrats to him ans his fans

    1. Curry and most of this current GSW have grown together over the past 3 season. They have had their ups and downs, but they have all grown together and become a unit together. Which is what the game is about. This isn’t 1 on 1, this is a game of 5 on 5. And when you see your leader, the kid that everyone said couldn’t play College ball, let alone at an NBA level, work his butt off every day to improve… it catches on and it catches on quick. You made your point as to why Harden should have won, but thats the reason why he didnt. He has stats… thats it. GSW is the best team in the League right now, and they did it together with one guy leading the way. He deserves it. No doubt about it.

      1. Like I said I think he deserves it but IMO Harden deserved it more because MVP stands for most valuable player and to me Harden was more valuable to his team. Again I HATE the Rockets and like GSW, but thats just my opinion. Again he does deserve it and congrats to him, you and the rest of his fans. If I had it my way there would be a separate award for called BPL (Best player in the league) and Curry would have won that. But in my opinion Harden carried his team to the second seed, when his second best player was injured half the year. I do understand your perspective though and respect it. But to me Curry being an underdog had nothing to do with it. Its a great story and very touching, but to me it should not factor in to MVP consideration. Like you said Curry has grown with this team for 3 years. A team with a fellow all star, 2 DPOY candidates, 2 6MOY candidates, and players like Barnes,Lee, and Livingston. Harden had Ariza.

        1. Also you are from the bay area. Why do the timing on the comments say 3 hours ahead of west timings? (Not trying to be rude actual question)

          1. Also I feel like I should tell you my friend saw a pair of all whute pure boost for 40$ at the mall in footaction

      1. I did not watch basketball till 08 but from what I understand Kobe was snubbed that season. I mean any team starting Smush Parker, Luke Walton, and Kwame Brown has no businesses being in the playoffs

  2. As an LA native and living in Los Angeles now that roots for Lakers , clippers, dodgers, LA kings, and LA galaxy.
    I see and agree with the Nba why they chose curry over harden.

    Lead the team to the number one spot in the hardest conference in the NBA. And made other teams better

  3. Awesome T, and well deserved, amazing how much denial there still is(Curry carried the team, the team is good, Curry makes them special), with Curry in the form he’s in, he’s on the verge of becoming a Superstar, because the road is wide-open.

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