The Under Armour M-Tag, a New Basketball Model, Has Released in Mexico

A brand new Under Armour basketball shoe dubbed the UA M-Tag has emerged online.

The M-Tag appears to be the Baltimore brand’s next budget-friendly basketball offering. Sporting a compression mesh build — similar to what was used on the HOVR Havoc — and an aggressive traction pattern, the UA M-Tag looks like it could be a solid performance model.

While current tech specs indicate that the shoe rides atop a compression molded EVA midsole carrier, early catalog images stated that the shoe utilized Micro G. It’s possible Micro G is still used in the shoe and UA Mexico is keeping things simple with the term EVA (most midsole foam is EVA and then named something fancy by each brand for marketing purposes) so we’ll keep our eyes peeled for the U.S. release to see if things change. Bungee cords are used along the tongue in addition to nylon lace loops while fuse is placed at the toe for added durability.

There is no word on when the Under Armour M-Tag will land Stateside but we should expect to see them around the upcoming school basketball season. Retail for U.S. consumers should be right around the $110 range, which would be a great price point.

Share your thoughts on the upcoming Under Armour M-Tag below and stay tuned for updates on its availability.


Source: UA Mexico


  1. Super clean. Basic EVA doesn’t work for my old legs anymore sadly. Getting my Shrek foot in that compression one booty upper probably wouldn’t be much fun either.

  2. Heres what i want ua to do: make one, just one, budget shoe feel like the old micro g that everyone liked. If you’re gonna put micro g in it anyway, why not do that? These budget ua shoes generally go unnoticed on their way to ross. If you do something that’ll get interest, like actual cushioning you can feel that isn’t just there for branding, thats a solid selling point that’ll make it stand out from just the usual nondescript ua shoe. I need a reason to pick this up over other shoes, and old school micro g would be a great reason.

    I like how this shoe looks aesthetically, by the way.

  3. Curious how this shoe performs. This is quite a statement shoe with that Prada-esque red banner. It’s not my thing but I definitely like the look of it.

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